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Aces Back To Back

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Initial release : 1998

32 Jazz

A 4 CD package that brings together 4 LPs originally released between 1969 and 1976. Trudy Pitts plays on the Other Folks Music LP.


Left & Right;

  • Black Mystery Has Been Revealed (Kirk)
  • Expansions: Kirkquest/KingusMingus/Celestialness/A Dream of Beauty (Kirk)
  • Lady's Blues (Kirk)
  • IX Love (Mingus)
  • Hot Cha (Woods)
  • Quintessence (Jones)
  • I Waited for You (Fuller / Gillespie)
  • A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing (Strayhorn)
Rahsaan Rahsaan;
  • The Seeker: Black Classical Rap/The Seeker/Thank You / Bird/New Orleans (Kirk)
  • Satin Doll (Ellington / Mercer / Strayhorn)
  • Introduction
  • Medley: Going Home/Sentimental Journey/In Monument/Lover( Brown / Dvorak / Green / Hart / Homer / Kirk / Rodgers)
  • Sweet Fire (Kirk)
  • Introduction
  • Baby Let Me Shake Your Tree (Kirk)
Prepare Thyself To Deal With a Miracle;
  • Salvation and Reminiscing (Kirk)
  • Seasons: One Mind Winter/Summer/Ninth Ghost (Kirk)
  • Celestial Bliss (Kirk)
  • Saxophone Concerto: Saxophone Miracle/One Breath Beyond/Dance of Revolution (Kirk)
Other Folks Music;
  • Water for Robeson and Williams (Kirk)
  • That's All (Brandt / Haymes)
  • Donna Lee (Parker)
  • Simone (Foster)
  • Anysha (Pitts)
  • Samba Kwa Mwanamke Mweusi (Pearson)
  • Arrival (Ruiz)
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The music in this collection was originally released on;

  • Left and Right, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 1968
  • Rahsaan Rahsaan, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 1970
  • Prepare Thyself To Deal With a Miracle, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 1973
  • Other Folks Music, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 1976
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