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Leon Thomas

Initial release : 1998

Passion Jazz / Soul Brother

Lloyd Davis play on one track of this compilation.


  • Prince of Peace (Sanders)
  • The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace) (Sanders / Thomas)
  • Song for My Father (Shashoyan / Silver)
  • Bags' Groove (Jackson)
  • C.C. Rider (Traditional)
  • China Doll (Ellis / Kilpatrick / Thomas)
  • Just in Time to See the Sun (Rolie / Santana / Shrieve)
  • Shape Your Mind to Die (Creque / Thomas)
  • It's My Life I'm Fighting For (Creque)
  • Balance of Life (Peace of Mind) (Creque / Thomas)
  • Little Sunflower (Hubbard / Thomas)
  • Sun Song (Thomas)
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