The Best Of Gene Ammons For Beautiful People

Gene Ammons

Initial release : 1969


Jack McDuff plays on one track of this compilation and Johnny "Hammond" Smith plays on one track.


  • Canadian Sunset (Gimbel / Heywood)
  • Angel Eyes (Brent / Dennis)
  • Exactly Like You (Fields / McHugh)
  • Soft Summer Breeze (Heywood / Spencer)
  • Satin Doll (Ellington / Mercer / Strayhorn)
  • It's The Talk of the Town (Livingston / Neiburg / Symes)
  • They Say You're Laughing At Me (Berlin)
Related releases

Canadian Sunset was originally released on;

  • Boss Tenor, Gene Ammons, 1960
Angel Eyes and It's The Talk Of The Town were originally released on; Exactly Like You was originally released on;
  • Jug, Gene Ammons, 1961
Soft Summer Breeze was originally released on;
  • Boss Soul, Gene Ammons, 1967
Satin Doll was originally released on;
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