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The Best of George Benson

George Benson

Initial release : 1989


A collection of recordings made for CTI in the 1970s.


  • California Dreamin'
  • The Gentle Rain
  • Theme from Good King Bad
  • Take Five
  • Body Talk
  • Theme from Summer of '42
  • One Rock Don't Make No Boulder
  • My Latin Brother
  • Ode to a Kudu
  • I Remember Wes
  • Summertime
  • From Now On
Related releases

The Gentle Rain and Ode To A Kudu were originally released on;

California Dreamin' and Theme From Summer Of '42 were originally released on:
  • White Rabbit, George Benson, 1972
Theme from Good King Bad and One Rock Don't Make No Boulder were originally released on:
  • Good King Bad, George Benson, 1976
Take Five, My Latin Brother and From Now On were originally released on:
  • Bad Benson, George Benson, 1974
Body Talk was originally released on:
  • Body Talk, George Benson, 1973
I Remember Wes was originally released on:
  • Giant Box, Don Sebesky, 1973
Summertime was originally released on:
  • In Concert: Carnegie Hall, George Benson, 1976
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