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Birth of The Cool Funk: Vintage Jams & Serious Grooves, Vol. 2

Various Artists

Initial release : 1998


This collection includes a Jimmy Ponder track, a Lonnie Smith track, an O'Donel Levy track, a Johnny Lytle track, a Ramon Morris track with Lloyd Davis on guitar, a Jimmy McGriff track, and another Jimmy McGriff track with Jimmy Ponder on guitar.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Tapioca - Jimmy McGriff
  • Bad Bad Simba - O'Donel Levy
  • Caught You Lying Again - Joe Thomas
  • Walk a Soul Mile - Johnny Lytle
  • First Come, First Served - Ramon Morris
  • Turn - Jimmy Ponder
  • Company B - Bob Berg
  • Wayne's Tune - Miles Davis
  • When the Night Is Right - Lonnie Smith
  • Ain't It Funky Now - Jimmy McGriff
  • Snowblower - B Baker Chocolate Co.
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Tapioca was originally released on;

Ain't It Funky Now was originally released on: When The Night Is Right was originally released on; Turn was originally released on; Bad Bad Simba was originally released on;
  • Simba, O'Donel Levy, 1974
First Come First Served was originally released on; Walk a Soul Mile appears to have been originally released on the Italian album;
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