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Blax Is Back

Various Artists

Initial release : 1999


This 2 CD collection includes a Ramon Morris track with Lloyd Davis on guitar, three Jimmy McGriff tracks, a Reuben Wilson track with Melvin Sparks on guitar, a Richard "Groove" Holmes track with Lloyd Davis on guitar, an O'Donel Levy track, and a Joe Thomas track with Jimmy Ponder on guitar.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
  • Preacherman - Impressions
  • First Come First Serve - Ramon Morris
  • Fat Cakes - Jimmy McGriff
  • The Way They Do My Life - Sir Joe Quaterman
  • Big Mac - Buddy Rich
  • The Cafe Black Rose - Lightin' Rod
  • Maceo - Maceo & All The King's Men
  • A Funky Song - Ripple
  • Superfly - Reuben Wilson
  • Fly Jack - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Moisturizer - O'Donel Levy
  • Flo - Holt Unlimited
  • Freddie's Dead - Curtis Mayfield
  • Thank You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin - Joe Thomas
  • The Bottle - Gil Scott Heron
  • Home - Jeremy Steig
  • Ain't It Funky Now - Jimmy McGriff
  • It's A Trip - Last Poets
  • The Ghetto '74 - Leroy Hutson
  • Cissy Strut - Meters
  • Well, You Needn't - Larry Ridley
  • Trespassing - Skull Snaps
  • In A Funky Way - Charles Rouse
  • Theme From Shaft - Jimmy McGriff
  • Like A Thief In The Night - Michael Longo
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