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Blue Breakbeats

Bobbi Humphrey

Initial release : 1998

Blue Note

Six tracks recorded for Blue Note between 1972 and 1975.


  • Harlem River Drive (Mizell)
  • San Francisco Lights (Davis)
  • Smiling Faces Sometimes (Strong / Whitfield)
  • Blacks and Blues (Mizell)
  • My Little Girl (Mizell)
  • Please Set Me at Ease (Mizell / Mizell / Mizell)
Related releases

Harlem River Drive and Blacks An Blues were originally released on;

  • Blacks and Blues, Bobbi Humphrey, 1974
San Francisco Lights and My Little Girl were originally released on;
  • Satin Doll, Bobbi Humphrey, 1975
Smiling Faces Sometimes was originally released on;
  • Dig This, Bobbi Humphrey, 1972
Please Set Me At Ease was originally released on;
  • Fancy Dancer, Bobbi Humphrey, 1975
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