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Blue Breakbeats

Donald Byrd

Initial release : 1998

Blue Note

Seven tracks released on Blue Note albums between 1967 and 1976.


  • Dance Band (Mizell / Mizell)
  • Lansana's Priestess (Mizell)
  • Wind Parade (Mizell)
  • Miss Kane (Mizell)
  • Jelly Roll (Kyner)
  • You and the Music (Mizell / Mizell)
  • Love's So Far Away (Mizell)
Related releases

Dance Band was originally released on;

  • Caricatures, Lee Morgan, 1976
Lansana's Priestess and Miss Kane were originally released on;
  • Street Lady, Lee Morgan, 1973
Wind Parade and You And The Music were originally released on;
  • Places and Spaces, Lee Morgan, 1975
Jelly Roll was originally released on;
  • Slow Drag, Lee Morgan, 1967
Love's So Far Away was originally released on;
  • Black Byrd, Lee Morgan, 1973
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