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Blues Ballads

LaVern Baker

Initial release : 1959


Wally Richardson plays guitar on one track of this album.


  • I Cried a Tear
  • If You Love Me
  • You're Teasing Me
  • Love Me Right
  • Dix-A-Billy
  • So High So Low
  • I Waited Too Long
  • Why Baby Why
  • Humpty Dumpty Heart
  • It's So Fine
  • Whipper Snapper
  • St. Louis Blues

Wally Richardson plays on I Waited Too Long. The musicians on this track include:

  • LaVern Baker - vocals
  • Budd Johnson - saxophone
  • King Curtis - saxophone
  • Howard Biggs - piano
  • Wally Richardson - guitar
  • Mickey Baker - guitar
  • Wendell Marshall - bass
  • Sticks Evans - drums
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