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The Concert McDuff

Jack McDuff

Initial release : 2002


A collection of live tracks originally released on 1960's LPs.


  • Undecided (Robin / Shavers)
  • Love Walked In (Gershwin / Gershwin)
  • Midnight Sun (Burke / Hampton / Mercer)
  • Swedenin' (McDuff)
  • The Girl From Ipanema (DeMoraes / Gimbel / Jobim)
  • Another Goodun' (McDuff)
  • 'Sokay (McDuff)
  • Save Your Love for Me (Johnson)
  • Four Brothers (Giuffre)
  • Lew's Piece (McDuff)
  • Spoonin' (McDuff)
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Undecided was originally released on; Love Walked In and Midnight Sun were originally released on; Spoonin' was originally released on;
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