The Essential

George Benson

Initial release : 2006


This cross-label double CD compilation gathers together tracks from 1963 onwards including a Brother Jack McDuff track with Benson on guitar and another track with McDuff on organ. Lonnie Smith plays organ on the tracks taken from the It's Uptown and George Benson Cookbook albums.


  • Rock Candy (McDuff)
  • Shadow Dancers (Benson)
  • Clockwise (Benson)
  • Willow Weep for Me (Ronell)
  • A Foggy Day (Gershwin / Gershwin)
  • The Borgia Stick Benson)
  • Paraphernalia (Shorter)
  • Sugar (Turrentine)
  • So What (Davis)
  • Ode to a Kudu (Benson)
  • California Dreamin' (Phillips / Phillips)
  • White Rabbit (Slick)
  • Body Talk (Benson)
  • Take Five (Desmond)
  • Summertime (Gershwin / Gershwin / Heyward)
  • Breezin' (Womack)
  • This Masquerade (Russell)
  • On Broadway (Lieber / Mann / Stoller / Weill)
  • Give Me the Night (Temperton)
  • Hip Skip (Benson)
  • Gotham City (Gordon)
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