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Fine and Mellow

Gene Ammons

Initial release : 2003


A 2-on-1 release of albums from 1973. Maynard Parker plays on some of the tracks from both source albums.


  • Lady Sings the Blues (Legrand)
  • Play Me (Diamond)
  • Ben (Black / Scharf)
  • Fly Me (Druz / Lockhart)
  • Fuzz (Grusin)
  • Fine and Mellow (Holiday)
  • Strange Fruit (Allan / Allen)
  • Big Bad Jug (Ammons)
  • God Bless the Child (Herzog / Holiday)
  • Tin Shack Out Back (Ammons)
  • Lady Mama (Ammons)
  • I Can't Help Myself (Dozier / Holland / Holland)
  • Lucille Little (Richard / Vick)
  • Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Strong / Whitfield)
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