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Funk Ain't A Word

Various Artists

Initial release : 2008

Brown Sugar

This compilation includes a Richard "Groove" Holmes track, a Jimmy McGriff track, a Reuben Wilson track, and a Lou Donaldson track with Lonnie Smith on organ and Melvin Sparks on guitar.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky (From Now On) - Lou Donaldson
  • Let Me Lay My Funk on You - Poison
  • Funky Junk - Jimmy McGriff
  • Down Home Funk - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Loft Funk - Reuben Wilson
  • God Make Me Funky - Headhunters
  • Cosmic Funk - Lonnie Liston Smith
  • Who Got de Funk?, Pt. 2 - Andrew White
  • Canned Funk - Joe Farrell
  • Feeling Funky - Crusaders
  • The Funk Surgeon - Eddie Henderson
  • Funk-O-Nots - Ohio Players
  • Funk, Funk - Cameo
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