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Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: The Sixties

Gene Ammons

Initial release : 1991

Original Jazz Classics

This compilation of tracks released in the 1960's includes one track with Jack McDuff on organ and one track with Johnny "Hammond"Smith on organ.


  • Seed Shack (Ammons)
  • Angel Eyes (Brent / Dennis)
  • Twisting the Jug (Ammons)
  • Ca' Purange (Jungle Soul) (Lima / Mussapere)
  • Exactly Like You (Burke / Fields / McHugh)
  • Canadian Sunset (Gimbel / Heywood)
  • My Foolish Heart (Washington / Young)
  • Blue Ammons (Ammons)
Related releases

Seed Shack and Exactly Like You were originally released on;

  • Jug, Gene Ammons, 1961
Angel Eyes was originally released on; Twisting The Jug was originally released on; Ca' Purange (Jungle Soul) was originally released on;
  • Bad! Bossa Nova, Gene Ammons, 1962
Canadian Sunset and Blue Ammons were originally released on;
  • Boss Tenor, Gene Ammons, 1960
My Foolish Heart is probably a previously unreleased alternate take by the Gene Ammons/Sonny Stitt Quintet.

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