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Guitar & Bass

George Benson

Initial release : 2004


A compilation of recordings made for Columbia and CTI. Lonnie Smith plays on some of the tracks.


  • So What (Davis)
  • Body Talk (Benson)
  • My Latin Brother (Benson)
  • Take Five (Desmond)
  • The Cooker (Benson)
  • Bossa Rocka (Benson)
  • All of Me (Marks / Simons)
  • The Man from Toledo (Benson)
  • Ready N Able (Smith)
  • Return of the Prodigal Son (Ousley)
  • Slow Scene (Benson)
  • The Changing World (Benson / Gore)
  • From Now On (Benson)
  • Dance (Benson)
  • All Clear (Benson)
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