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Happy Frame Of Mind

Horace Parlan

Initial release : 1988

Blue Note

This session was recorded in 1963. It was first released on a double LP credited to Booker Ervin. It was then released on CD as originally intended under the title Happy Frame Of Mind. Grant Green plays on this album


  • Home Is Africa (Boykins)
  • A Tune for Richard (Ervin)
  • Back from the Gig (Parlan)
  • Dexi (Coles)
  • Kuchenza Blues (Weston)
  • Happy Frame of Mind (Parlan)

  • Horace Parlan - piano
  • Booker Ervin - tenor saxophone
  • Johnny Coles - trumpet
  • Grant Green - guitar
  • Butch Warren - bass
  • Billy Higgins - drums
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