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Instant Death

Eddie Harris

Initial release : 1972



  • Instant Death (Harris)
  • Little Wes (Muldrow)
  • Zambezi Dance (Abrams / Gibson / Harris / James / Muldrow)
  • Summer's on Its Way (Harris)
  • Nightcap (Harris)
  • Superfluous (Harris)
  • Tampion (Harris)

  • Eddie Harris - electric saxophone, trumpet, percussion, effects
  • Muhal Richard Abrams - keyboards
  • Ronald Muldrow - guitar
  • Rufus Reed - bass
  • Billy James - drums, percussion
  • Henry Gibson - percussion
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The Instant Death album was subsequently released on the 2-on-1 CD;

The Instant Death album was subsequently included in the 11 CD box set;
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