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Jumpin' Jazz

Various Artists

Initial release : 1996


This compilation includes a Grant Green track, a Melvin Sparks track, a Houston Person track with Melvin Sparks on guitar,two Johnny Lytle tracks, one with Melvin Sparks on guitar, a Richie Cole track with Eddie Gladden on drums, and an Eddie Jefferson track with Eddie Gladden on drums.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Iron City - Grant Green
  • Speak Low - Melvin Sparks
  • Harold's House of Jazz - Richie Cole
  • Mambo Inn - Lou Donaldson
  • Possum Grease - Johnny Lytle
  • As Time Goes By - Mark Murphy
  • The Prodigal Son - Harold Ousley
  • Street Song - Bobby Hutcherson
  • Heavy Juice - Houston Person
  • Things Are Getting Better - Eddie Jefferson
  • So What - Johnny Lytle
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