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Killer Jazz Funk From Groove Merchant Vault: Return of Jazz Funk

Various Artists

Initial release : 2003


This collection includes three O'Donel Levy tracks, a Joe Thomas track with Jimmy Ponder on guitar, two Reuben Wilson tracks, one of which has Melvin Sparks on guitar and the other Lloyd Davis on guitar, and six Jimmy McGriff tracks one with Jimmy Ponder on guitar and one with Larry Frazier on guitar.

Tracks / Performers

  • Main Squeeze - Jimmy McGriff
  • Big Mac - Buddy Rich
  • Sweet Life - Reuben Wilson
  • Dig on It - Jimmy McGriff
  • You've Made Me So Very Happy - O'Donel Levy
  • Joyful, Joyful - Joe Thomas
  • Plauhouse - Buddy Rich
  • Psychedelic Sally - Lionel Hampton
  • Fat Cakes - Jimmy McGriff
  • Thank You - Joe Thomas
  • Backwoods Sideman - Buddy Rich
  • I Wanna Be Where You Are - O'Donel Levy
  • Bug Out - Jimmy McGriff
  • Chameleon - Buddy Rich
  • Super Funk - Jimmy McGriff
  • Cisco Kid - Reuben Wilson
  • What's Going On - Jimmy McGriff
  • I Want to Make It With You - O'Donel Levy
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