Kinda Jazzy Kinda Funky

Various Artists

Initial release : 2004


This collection includes a David Newman track and two Melvin Sparks tracks. Reuben Wilson possibly plays on one or both of the Melvin Sparks tracks.

Tracks / Performers

  • The Governor - Melvin Sparks Band
  • GF's Attitude - Papa John DeFrancesco
  • Live Bait - Rodney Jones
  • Off the Hook - David Newman
  • The Cat - Papa Joey DeFrancesco
  • The Hat Man - Randy Johnston
  • Peach Cobbler - Bill Heid
  • Sweet Sucker - Houston Person
  • Another Joe - Melvin Sparks Band
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Off The Hook was originally released on;

The Govenor and Another Joe were originally released on;
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