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The Last Goodun'

Jack McDuff

Initial release : 2002


A collection of tracks from Prestige albums from the first half of the 1960's that by 2002 had not been released on CD.


  • Your Nose Is Open (McDuff)
  • The Last Goodun' (McDuff)
  • Scram (McDuff)
  • Dink's Dream (McDuff)
  • Groanin' (McDuff)
  • Hey Lawdy Mama (Reed / Reed)
  • Drown in My Own Tears (Glover)
  • Ballad for Baby (McDuff)
  • 9:20 Special (The Late, Late Show) (Ellington / Engvick / Warren)
  • It's Alvin Again (McDuff)
  • Easy to Love (Porter)
  • What's Shakin' (McDuff)
  • The Morning Song (McDuff)
  • Twelve Inches Wide (McDuff)
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Your Nose Is Open, The Last Goodun', Dink's Dream, Groanin' Hey Lawdy Mama and Drown In My Own Tears were originally released on;

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