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Let The Minstrels Play On

Various Artists

Initial release : 1997


This CD compilation of tracks originally released on the Muse label includes a Grant Green track and a Kenny Barron track with Ted Dunbar on guitar.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Mystery Of Ages - Carlos Garnett
  • Shake - Dom Um Romao
  • Swan Lake - Dave Pike
  • What Am I Gonna Do - Earl Neal Creque
  • Old Man Moses - Grant Green
  • Chameleon - Eddie Jefferson
  • Free Spirits - Walt Barr
  • El Exi Hente - Harold Ousley
  • Sly - Mark Murphy
  • (Why Don'cha) Walk That Funky Dog - Stan Bronstein
  • In The Meantime - Kenny Barron
  • Let Us Go (To Higher Heights) - Carlos Garnett
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