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Mission Impossible ... And More

Lalo Schifrin

Initial release : 1996

Blue Note

This collection of Lalo Schifrin music includes a Jimmy Smith track.


  • Mission: Impossible
  • Jim On The Move
  • The Wave
  • Lalo's Bossa Nova
  • Maria
  • Rio After Dark
  • The Man From THRUSH
  • The Cat
  • Bachiana Brasileiras #5
  • Anpacondra Soul
  • The 'In' Crowd
  • Venice After Dark
  • Bullitt (Main Title)
  • On The Way to San Mateo
  • Danube Incident
  • Dirty Harr
  • Theme From "Medical Center"
  • Mission: Impossible
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The last track on the CD is the Jimmy Smith version of the Mission: Impossible theme music.

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