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Off The Wall: Essential Argo / Cadet Grooves

Various Artists

Initial release : 1991

Charly / Affinity

This compilation includes a Jack McDuff track, a Shirley Scott track, a Three Souls track, and a Sonny Cox track with Ken Prince on organ.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Off The Wall - Budd Johnson
  • Milestones - Three Souls
  • The Wailer - Sonny Cox
  • Feel - Buck Clarke
  • Slick Eddie - Sonny Stitt
  • Hanky's Panky - Shirley Scott
  • The Fourth Dimension - Jack McDuff
  • Daylie's Double - Oliver Nelson
  • Black Foot - Illinois Jacquet
  • The Aquarian - Harold Land
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The Fourth Dimension was released on;

Hanky's Panky was originally released on; Milestones was released on; The Wailer was originally released on;
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