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A One Day Session 05/25/59

Willis Jackson Quintet

Initial release : 2012

Fresh Sounds

A CD release that brings together 14 tracks recorded at a session on on May 25, 1959. The tracks were originally released over 5 different LPs. Two tracks from a single, recorded on May 27, 1959, are added as bonus tracks.


  • Gatorís Tail
  • A Smooth One
  • The Man I Love
  • Cool Grits
  • Memories of You
  • Please Mr. Jackson
  • How Deep Is the Ocean?
  • Dinkís Mood
  • 633 Knock
  • Angel Eyes
  • Three Little Words
  • Sheís Funny That Way
  • Come Back to Sorrento
  • Gilís Pills
  • Good to the Bone
  • Makiní It

  • Willis Jackson - tenor saxophone
  • Jack McDuff - organ
  • Bill Jennings - guitar
  • Tommy Potter - bass
  • Alvin Johnson - drums
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Cool Grits, Memories Of You, Please Mr Jackson, Dink's Mood, 633 Knock and Come Back To Sorrento were originally released on:

A Smooth One, The Man I Love and How Deep Is The Ocean were originally released on: Gator's Tail and She's Funny That Way were originally released on: Three Little Words was originally released on; Angel Eyes and Gil's Pills were originally released on: Good To The Bone and Makin' It were originally released on a 7" single.

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