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Organomically Correct

Charles Earland

Initial release : 1999

32 Jazz / Savoy Jazz

A compilation of tracks first released on Muse in the late 1970's. Jimmy Ponder or Melvin Sparks play guitar on some of the tracks.


  • The Dozens (Earland)
  • Red, Green and Black Blues (Earland)
  • Undecided (Robin / Shavers)
  • Old Folks (Robison)
  • A Prayer (Earland)
  • Organic Blues (Earland)
  • Three Blind Mice (Earland)
  • We Are Not Alone (Earland / Kendrick)
  • Blues for Rudy (Earland)
  • The Thang (Earland)
  • Infant Eyes (Shorter)
  • Is It Necessary (Earland)
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The Dozens was originally released on;

Red, Green and Black Blues, Undecided and Old Folks were originally released on; A Prayer, Organic Blues and Three Blind Mice were originally released on; We Are Not Alone, Blues For Rudy, The Thang, Infant Eyes and Is It Necessary were originally released on;
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