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Playtime, Vol. 4: Pure 70's Jazz and Funk

Various Artists

Initial release : 2003

Hi & Fly

This collection includes a David Newman track and Jimmy Owens track with Lloyd Davis on guitar.

Tracks / Performers

  • You're A Star - Aquarian Dream
  • I'll Move You No Mountain - Hank Crawford
  • Uptown Serenade - Walter Murphy
  • Takdropp - Egba
  • Cheshire Cat - Ronnie Foster
  • Orgy - Nick Ingman
  • Cine Mobile - The Trendsetters
  • Feel It - Siegfried Schwab
  • Dance Of The Honey Bee And The Funky Fly - David Newman
  • Turned around - Joe Henderson
  • Do It To It - Jimmy Owens
  • Roots - Ian Carr Nucleus
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