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Prestige Soul Masterpieces

Various Artists

Initial release : 1988


This compilation includes a Rusty Bryant track with Grant Green on guitar and Sonny Phillips on organ and a Houston Person track with Sonny Phillips on organ. Also includes a Shirley Scott/Stanley Turrentine track, a Charles Kynard track with Rusty Bryant on saxophone, a Richard "Groove" Holmes track, two Jack McDuff tracks, a Charles Earland track with Melvin Sparks on guitar, a Harold Mabern track with Hugh Walker on drums, and a Red Holloway track with Jack McDuff on organ. Some of the tracks on this compilation are singles versions.

Tracks / Musicians

  • The Mighty Burner - Charles Earland
  • B & B Calypso - Billy Butler
  • Mellow Gravy, Pt. 1 - Jack McDuff and Gene Ammons
  • Slow Burn - Charles Kynard
  • Blues at the Five Spot - Oliver Nelson
  • Zoo Boogaloo, Pt. 1 - Rusty Bryant
  • The Funky Fox - Shirley Scott and Stanley Turrentine
  • Goodness - Houston Person
  • Rakin' and Scrapin', Pt. 1 - Harold Mabern
  • Foxy - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
  • Brother Red - Red Holloway
  • Yeah, Baby, Pt. 1 - Jack McDuff
  • Let's Split - Arnett Cobb
  • Misty - Richard "Groove" Holmes
Related release

The Mighty Burner was originally released on;

Mellow Gravy, Pt 1 was originally released on a single;
  • Mellow Gravy, Pt. 1 / Mellow Gravy, Pt. 2, Jack McDuff and Gene Ammons, 1962
Yeah Baby, Pt 1 was originally released on a single;
  • Yeah Baby, Pt. 1 / Yeah Baby, Pt. 2, Jack McDuff, 1960?
Rakin' And Scrapin' Pt 1 was originally released on a single;
  • Rakin' And Scrapin', Pt. 1 / Rakin' And Scrapin', Pt. 2, Harold Mabern, 1969
Brother Red was originally released on a single; The Funky Fox was originally released on;
  • Blue Flames, Shirley Scott and Stanley Turrentine, 1964
Zoo Boogaloo was originally released on; Slow Burn was originally released on; Goodness was originally released on;
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