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Horace Silver

Initial release : 1999

Blue Note

A 4 CD compilation of tracks from Horace Silver albums on the Blue Note label between 1953 and 1978. Includes one track with Harold Vick on saxophone.


  • Safari (Silver)
  • Ecaroh (Silver)
  • Opus de Funk (Silver)
  • Doodlin' (Hendricks / (Silver)
  • The Preacher (Silver)
  • Cool Eyes (Silver)
  • Seņor Blues (Silver)
  • Home Cookin' (Silver)
  • Soulville (Silver)
  • The Outlaw (Silver)
  • Seņor Blues (Silver)
  • Swingin' the Samba (Silver)
  • Cookin' at the Continental (Silver)
  • Juicy Lucy (Silver)
  • Sister Sadie (Silver)
  • Peace (Silver)
  • Blowin' the Blues Away (Silver)
  • Strollin' (Silver)
  • Nica's Dream (Silver)
  • Filthy McNasty (Silver)
  • The Tokyo Blues (Silver)
  • Sayonara Blues (Silver)
  • Silver's Serenade (Silver)
  • Song for My Father (Silver)
  • Que Pasa (Silver)
  • The Cape Verdean Blues (Silver)
  • Nutville (Silver)
  • The Jody Grind (Silver)
  • Mexican Hip Dance (Silver)
  • Serenade to a Soul Sister (Silver)
  • Psychedelic Sally (Silver)
  • It's Time (Silver)
  • The Happy Medium (Silver)
  • Peace (Silver)
  • Old Mother Nature Calls (Silver)
  • How Much Does Matter Really Matter (Silver)
  • All (Silver)
  • In Pursuit of the 27th Man (Silver)
  • Gregory Is Here (Silver)
  • Barbara (Silver)
  • Adjustment (Silver)
  • The Tranquilizer Suite, Pt. 2: Slow Down (Silver)
  • The Process of Creation Suite, Pt. 3: Assimilation (Silver)
  • All in Time (Silver)
  • The Soul and Its Expression (Silver)
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