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Side Star

Grover Washington Jr

Initial release : 1983


A compilation of tracks that feature Grover Washington. This compilation includes two Johnny Hammond tracks, one of which (Rock Steady) includes Melvin Sparks on guitar.

Tracks / Performers

  • Who Is Sylvia? - Johnny Hammond
  • Rock Steady - Johnny Hammond
  • Ganawa (Blue Moses) - Randy Weston
  • The Saddest Thing - Idris Muhammad
  • Loran's Dance - Idris Muhammad
Related releases

Who Is Sylvia? and Rock Steady were originally released on;

Ganawa (Blue Moses) was originally released on:
  • Blue Moses, Randy Weston, 1972
The Saddest Thing and Loran's Dance were originally released on:
  • Power Of Soul, Idris Muhammad, 1974
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