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Talkin' Verve

Lalo Schifrin

Initial release : 1999


A compilation of tracks originally released on Verve albums.


  • Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (Rodgers)
  • Prelude, No. 2 (Gershwin)
  • The Chains (Schifrin)
  • Old Laces (Schifrin)
  • Samba Para Dos (Schifrin)
  • El Salón México (Copland)
  • New Fantasy (Greene)
  • The Empire (Schifrin)
  • The Fakir 9Schifrin)
  • The Wave (Schifrin)
  • Chorale (Schifrin)
  • Peanut Vendor (Simons)
Related releases

The majority of the tracks on this collection were originally released on;

  • The New Continent, Dizzy Gillespie, 1962
  • Piano, Strings and Bossa Nova, Lalo Schifrin, 1962
  • Samba Para Dos, Lalo Schifrin and Bob Brookmeyer, 1963
  • Several Shades of Jade, Cal Tjader, 1963
  • New Fantasy, Lalo Schifrin, 1965
  • Marquis DeSade, Lalo Schifrin, 1966
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