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Richard "Groove" Holmes

Initial release : 2003

Savoy Jazz

A compilation of tracks from two albums originally released in 1980 and 1988. Jimmy Ponder plays guitar on four tracks.


  • Cheeka's Dance (Bridgewater)
  • Slo Booze (Holmes)
  • Moon River (Mancini / Mercer)
  • Everything Must Change (Ighner)
  • Groove's Groove (Holmes)
  • Minor Inconvenience (Braham)
  • Ode to Larry Young (Holmes)
  • Katherine (Holmes)
  • Plenty, Plenty Blues (Holmes)
Related releases

Everything Must Change, Ode To Larry Young, Moon River, Katherine and Plenty Plenty Blues were originally released on;

  • Broadway, Richard "Groove" Holmes, 1981
Cheeka's Dance, Slo Booze, Groove's Groove and Minor Inconvenience were originally released on;
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