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A Toast to Jimmy McGriff's Golden Classics

Jimmy McGriff

Initial release : 1965


The original Sue album was probably called A Toast to Jimmy McGriff's Greatest Hits. Subsequent release of the collection all appear to be called A Toast to Jimmy McGriff's Golden Classics. Morris Dow or Larry Frazier play guitar on some of the tracks.


  • All About My Girl
  • M.G. Blues
  • Kiko
  • Topkapi
  • I've Got a Woman
  • Turn Blue
  • One of Mine
  • Hello Betty
  • The Last Minute
  • Bump de Bump
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All About My Girl, M.G. Blues and I've Got A Woman were originally released on;

Kiko and Hello Betty were originally released on; Topkapi was originally released on; Turn Blue and Bump De Bump were originally released on; One of Mine and The Last Minute were originally released on;
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