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Watermelon Man

Mongo Santamaria

Initial release : 1997


Expanded CD release that comprises the original Watermelon Man LP plus 6 previously unreleased live tracks. Ray Lucas plays on the original album.


  • Watermelon Man
  • Funny Money
  • Cut That Cane
  • Get The Money
  • The Boogie Cha-Cha Blues
  • Don't Bother Me No More
  • Love Oh Love
  • Yeh-Yeh
  • The Peanut Vendor
  • Go Git It
  • Bayou Roots
  • Suavito
  • Guaguanco Mania
  • A Little Dab'll Do Ya
  • Que Maravilloso
  • I'll Remember April
  • Afro Blue
  • Mazacote
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