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Well Done: Choice Cuts, Vol. 1

Jimmy McGriff / Freddie Hubbard

Initial release : 1999

Groove Jams

This compilation comprises 8 Jimmy McGriff tracks and 2 Freddie Hubbard tracks. Larry Frazier plays guitar on two of the Jimmy McGriff tracks.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Povo - Freddie Hubbard
  • Far Away - Freddie Hubbard
  • The Bird Wave - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • Spear for Moondog, Pt. 1 - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • Blue Juice - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • The Worm - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • Black Pearl - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • Ain't It Funky Now - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • South Wes - Jimmy McGrfiff
  • Step One - Jimmy McGrfiff
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The Bird Wave and Spear For Moondog were originally released on;

The Worm and Blue Juice were originally released on; Black Pearl was originally released on; Ain't It Funky Now was originally released on; Step One and South Wes were originally released on;
  • Step 1, Jimmy McGriff Organ And Blues Band, 1969
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