Wide Hive Remixed

Various Artists

Initial release : 2003

Wide Hive

Includes two tracks by Calvin Keys, Tierra Naranja and Urban Shaman, that have been remixed.


  • Minus One Intro (OP! Remix)
  • Rudy (Ticklah Remix)
  • Seven Grain (Rockskins Remix featuring Rubix)
  • Bleeding Together (DJ Eli Remix)
  • Shine (Ge-Ology Remix)
  • Boundary (Underground Science Remix)
  • Mirrors on Sand (DJ Design Remix)
  • Bronx Zulu (beatScape "Brooklyn Swahili" Remix)
  • Dr. J. Dub (Zeph Remix)
  • Tierra Naranja (Djinji Brown Remix)
  • Staggering (Headnodic Remix)
  • Sound is God (Gregory Howe Remix)
  • Eclectric Company (Tommy Guerrero Remix)
  • Urban Shaman (Headnodic Remix featuring P.E.A.C.E.)
  • The Movement (4AM Remix featuring Azeem)
  • Bleeding Together (Kaskade Remix)
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