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Ah Um Records discography

This is a discography of the albums released by the UK based Ah Um Records.

Ah Um Records albums

Image, Steve Lacy / Steve Argüelles, 1989?, Ah Um 001

Tracks : Evidence, Image, Wickets, Blinks, Art, Twilight, Clichés

Musicians : Steve Lacy, Steve Argüelles

Recorded live at the Bluecoat in Liverpool in October 1987.

album cover

Human Chain, Human Chain, 1990, Ah Um 002

Tracks : Freely, My Girl, Antonia, Elderberries, La La La, Grinding to the Miller Men, Hollyhocks, Golden Slumbers, Further Away, Suguxhama, Jolobe, Ikebana, Bon, Nancy D., Death

Musicians : Django Bates, Steve Argüelles, Dudu Pukwana (track 6)

Recorded in 1986 and originally released in 1986 on the Loose Tubes label.

album cover

Music for the Third Policeman, Django Bates / Powder Room Collapse Orchestra, 1990, Ah Um 003

Tracks : Ouverture, 1st Person, John Divney, Peculiar Terms Of Physical Intimacy, Getting The Box (Also An Introduction To De Selby), Martin Finnucane, A Journey Is An Hallucination, Is It About A Bicycle?, Mac Cruiskeen, Atoms, Scaffold, Serenity, And One Legged Army, Soft As The Softest Softness, The Beginning

Musicians : Django Bates, Steve Buckley, Steve Berry, Martin France, Stuart Hall, Sarah Harrison, Robert Juritz, Dai Pritchard, Eddie Parker, Dave Pattman, Ashley Slater

album cover

Big Theatre: A Collection Of Original Theatrical Compositions, Peter Erskine, 1990, Ah Um 004

Tracks : Twelfth Night: Main Theme, Batucada, O Mistress Mine, The Happy Island, If music be the food of love, Belafonte, Saturday on the Island, A Theatre Cue, Log Drum & Muted Trumpet, Travelling Music, Maria's Song, Feste's Theme, Daylight and Champagne, 12th Night Variation, Malvolio Does the Limbo, Act V, Hey, ho, the wind and the rain, Richard II: Prologue, Such is the breath of kings, Timpani Call, Main Theme, End Hymn, A Midsummer Night's Dream: Overture, Oberon's Entrance, Oberon & Titania, The Mechanicals (no.1), Titania, Bottom's Dream, The Sea Maid, Indian Boy, The Mechanicals (no.2), Pretty Idea, Guitar Song, Flute Song (Pyramus and Thisbe), The Floating Wrench, Waltz, Lullaby, Jack, The End (the kiss), Middsummer Harp Theme

Musicians : Peter Erskine, Vince Mendoza, Jerry Peel, Peter Gordon, Don Grolnick, Will Lee, Gordon Gottlieb, Paulinho Da Costa

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Cosmic Chapter 90, Zila / Dudu Pukwana, 1990?, Ah Um 005

Tracks : Mra Khali, Hamba (Go Away), Big Apple, Cosmics, Blues For Nick, Zwelistsha

Musicians : Dudu Pukwana, Pinise Saul, Roland Perrin, Lucky Ranku, Eric Richards, Steve Arguelles, Fats Romoba Mogoboya

Recorded live at Battersea Arts Centre, London in November 1989.

album cover

Onetwothree, Nick Purnell, 1991, Ah Um 006

Tracks : Helena, See You On The Weekend, Onetwothree, P.S., Fowler's Brand, Yes Or No, As You, Vinceable, Hi Ho, Will I Ever

Musicians : Nick Purnell, Kenny Wheeler, Paul Edmonds, Mike Gibbs, Ashley Slater, Julian Argüelles, Ken Stubbs, Django Bates, John Taylor, Mike Walker, Laurence Cottle, Mick Hutton, Peter Erskine, Dave Adams

album cover

Steve Arguelles, Steve Arguelles, 1991, Ah Um 007

Tracks : Redman, Don't Tell Me Now, Lucky Star, Dis-At-Ease, Cherry Waltz, Blessed Light, Elderberries, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Guara, Hermana Guapa, Tin Tin

Musicians : Steve Argüelles, Julian Argüelles, Stuart Hall, Kim Burton, Mick Hutton

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Hajime, Hajime Yoshizawa, 1991, Ah Um 008

Tracks : Bless Me With Your Breath, Beyond Twilight, Yesterdays, Snake Dance, Stardust, Love Letter, September Air, Tropic Of Cancer, Voyage, Peatan's Blues, Autumn In New York + Spring Cadenza

Musicians : Hajime Yoshizawa, Bob Mintzer, John Abercrombie, Marc Johnson, Peter Erskine

album cover

The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra, Mike Gibbs, 1991, Ah Um 009

Tracks : To Lady Mac: In Retrospect, Nairam, Blackgang, Antique, Undergrowth, Tunnel Of Love, Unfinished Sympathy

Musicians : Mike Gibbs, Derek Watkins, Butch Hudson, John Huckridge, Ian Hawer, Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Chris Pyne, Dave Horler, Bill Geldard, Charlie Mariano, Ray Warleigh, Stan Sulzmann, Alan Skidmore, Tony Coe, Duncan Lamont, Chris Taylor, Philip Catherine, Colin Walker, Steve Swallow, Bob Moses, Jumma Santos

Originally released on the Bronze label in 1975.

album cover

Phaedrus, Julian Arguelles, 1991, Ah Um 010

Tracks : Phaedrus, The Invisible Thread, Duet, Forests, Maxine, Red Rag, Wild Rice, Everything I Love, Hi Steve

Musicians : Julian Argüelles, John Taylor, Mick Hutton, Martin France

album cover

Feudal Rabbits, Stan Sulzman, 1992, Ah Um 011

Tracks : Elephant House, Spider, Feudal Rabbits, Owens Field, Feeling Bettison, Review, 3/4 In The Afternoon, The Barry Diddle, Ken Blake - Ending

Musicians : Stan Sulzmann, Mick Hutton, Patrick Bettison, Steve Arguelles

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Kayak, Kenny Wheeler, 1992, Ah Um 012

Tracks : 5 4 6, Gentle Piece - Old Ballad, Kayak, See Horse, Sea Lady, C Man, C.C. Signor!

Musicians : Kenny Wheeler, Julian Argüelles, Stan Sulzmann, Chris Pyne, Dave Horler, Dave Stewart, John Rook, John Horler, John Taylor, Chris Laurence, Peter Erskine

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Ambleside Days, John Taylor with John Surman, 1992, Ah Um 013

Tracks : Lodore Falls, Wandering, Ambleside Days, Scale Force, Coniston Fells, Pathway, Clapperclowe, Dry Stone

Musicians : John Taylor, John Surman

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Perfect Houseplants, Perfect Houseplants, 1992, Ah Um 014

Tracks : These Foolish Times, Somewhere in England, Salvadors, Knees, Last Summer, With Hindsight, Fedora, When/Starry Eyes, Going Home

Musicians : Mark Lockheart, Huw Warren, Dudley Phillips, Martin France

album cover

Conic Sections, Evan Parker, 1993, Ah Um 015

Tracks : Conic Section 1, Conic Section 2, Conic Section 3, Conic Section 4, Conic Section 5

Musicians : Evan Parker

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By The Way, Mike Gibbs Orchestra, 1993, Ah Um 016

Tracks : Beauteous Being, Blueprint, To Lady Mac: In Sympathy, Something Similar, World Without, The Rain Before It Falls, Jeunesse, Roses Are Red, Turn Of The Century, Out Of The Question, Just A Head / Fanfare

Musicians : Mike Gibbs, John Barclay, Richard Iles, Steve Sidwell, Kenny Wheeler, Pete Beachill, David Stewart, Julian Arguelles, Iain Ballamy, Iain Dixon, Charlie Mariano, Evan Parker, Andrew Clark, Cormac O Aodain, John Rooke, Jim Rattigan, Oren Marshall, John Taylor, Nikki Iles, Mike Walker, John Parracelli, Steve Swallow, Bob Moses, John Marshall, Simone Haggiag

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