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Record labels

This page documents the output of labels that released albums during the 1950-2000 period. As with the other sections of the site this is an ongoing project and additional label lists will be added. (See also the record labels by country page.)

A to C
8th Harmonic Breakdown
18th & Vine
A&M (CTI) 3000 series
A&M Horizon
About Time Records
Ah Um Records
Ak-Ba Records
All Life
Antilles 1000 series
Argo/Cadet 600/700/800
Arista Freedom 1000 series
Arista Freedom 1900 series
Arista Novus
Artists House
Atlantic 1300=1600 series
Atlantic 3000 series
Atlantic 8800 series
Atlantic 2-300 series
Atlantic: Embryo label
Atlantic: Vortex label
Atlas LA27 series
AUM Fidelity
Barking Hoop
Basho Records
Bead Records
Bee Hive
Bethlehem BCP 1 - 92 series
Between The Lines
Black Jazz
Black Saint
Bleu Regard
Blue Marge
Blue Note 1500 series
Blue Note 4000 series
Blue Note LA series
Blue Note Classics (LT series)
Blue Note WFA series
Blue Note: Other Side Of BN 1500
BYG Actuel
Cadet/Argo 600/700/800
Catalyst 7600 series
Catalyst 7900 series
Chess Jazz Masters
Choice Records
Chronoscope Records
Circle Records
Cobblestone 7000 series
Cobblestone 9000 series
Concord Jazz
Contemporary 3500/7500 series
Contemporary 5000/9000 series
Contemporary 14000 series
Criss Cross 1000 series
CTI 3000 series
CTI 6000 series
CTI 7000 series
CTI: Greene Street
CTI: Kudu label
CTI: Salvation label
Curling Legs

D to I
Dare2 Records
Dawn 1100 series
Debut Records
Dreamstreet Records
Eastbound 9000 series
ECM main series
ECM :rarum
ECM Old & New
ECM samplers
ECM Works
Edition Records
Egg Farm
Ego Records
Elektra Musician
EmArcy 36000 series
Embryo (Atlantic)
Encounter Records
Fantasy 3200/8000 series
Fantasy 9400/9500/9600 series
Fantasy 6000/86000 series
Fantasy 79000 series
Finite Records
Flying Dutchman 10100 series
Favorite Records
FMP: FMP series
FMP: SAJ series
FMP: Uhlklang sublabel
Free Lance Records
Fluid Records
Futura GER series
Futura RED series
Futura SON series
Futura SWING series
Gearbox Records
Groove Merchant 500 series
Groove Merchant 2200 series
Groove Merchant 3300 series
Groove Merchant 4400 series
Hat Hut A - Y/Z/Z
Hat Hut 1R01 - 2R22
Hat Hut: Hat MUSICS
Hat Hut: HatART LPs
Hat Hut: HatART CDs
Hat Hut: HatOLOGY 500/600/700
Horo HDP series
Horo HLL series
Horo HZ series
IDA Records
Improvising Artists
Impulse main 100/9000 series
Impulse 2-On-1 Series
India Navigation
IPS Records

J to P
JAPO Records
Jaro Records
Jazz & NOW
Jazz Am. Marketing 001-021
Jazz Am. Marketing 5001-5007
Jazzland (Riverside)
JCOA Records
JMT Records
Josie 3500 series
Kharma Records
Landmark 1500 series
Leo (Finland)
Leo (UK)
Liberty 6000 series
Limelight 82000/86000 series
LJ Records
Loose Tubes Limited
Losen Records
Mainstream 300/400 series
MetroJazz label
Miles Music
Milestone 9000 series
Milestone 47000 series
Milestone 55000 series
Minor Music
Mode Records
Mole Jazz
Moodsville (Prestige)
Mosaic: Select series
Mosaic (UK label)
Muse 5000 series
Musica Records
Musicians Record Co.
Mutable Music
Nagara Records
Neon (RCA - UK)
Nessa Records
New Jazz (Prestige)
Night Records
Nilva Records
No More Records
Nu Bop Records
Odin Records
Ogun Records
Pablo Live 2380-200 series
Pablo Live 2620-100 series
10000/20000 series
Palcoscenico Records
Paula 4000 series
Perception label
Philly Jazz
Pi Recordings
Pipe Records
PM Records
Po Torch Records
Postcards label
Prestige 2500 series
Prestige 7000 series
Prestige 10000 series
Prestige 16000 series
Prestige 24000 series
Prestige 34000 series
Prestige 66000 series
Prestige: Moodsville
Prestige: New Jazz
Prestige: Tru-Sound
Provocateur Records
psi Records

R to X
Red Baron
Reservoir Music
Resonant Music
Riti Records
Riverside 200/300/400 series
Riverside 3500 series
Riverside: Jazzland
Roost 2200 series
Roulette 52000 series
Roulette 65000 series
Roulette 5000 series
Roulette 100 series
Roulette SRB series
Rudi Records
Rune Grammofon
Savoy 1100 series
Savoy 2200 series
Savoy 12000 series
Savoy 13000 series
Sharp Nine
Skye Records
Solid State 18000 series
Soul Note
Steam Records
Steeplechase 1000 series
Steeplechase 6000 series
Steeplechase 7000 series
Steeplechase 33100 series
Strata East LPs
Sue Records 1000 series
Sula Records
Sweet Earth Records
Taurus (Norway)
Theresa Records
Touché Music
Treader Records
Trident Records
Tru-Sound (Prestige)
TUM Records
Turtle Records
Tutu Records
Uhlklang (FMP)
Uptown Records
Vault 9000 series
Vee-Jay 1000 series
Vee-Jay 2500 series
Vee-Jay 3000 series
View Records
Vinyl Records
Vortex (Atlantic)
Waterland Records
WATT (and XtraWATT)
Weight Of Wax
West 54 Records
Whynot Records
Wobbly Rail
Workshop Jazz LPs

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