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Ak-Ba discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Ak-Ba label.

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Ak-Ba albums

Voyage From Jericho, Charles Tyler/Ensemble, 1975, AK 1000

Tracks : Voyage From Jericho, Return To The East, Just For Two, Children's Music March, Surf Ravin

Musicians : Charles Tyler, Earl Cross, Arthur Blythe, Ronnie Boykins, Steve Reid

Subsequently released on the French label Bleu Regard in 1992.

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Live In Europe: Jazz Festival Umea, Charles Tyler, 1977, AK 1010

Tracks : Fall's Mystery, Folly, Voyage From Jericho

Musicians : Charles Tyler, Melvin Smith, Ronnie Boykins, Steve Reid

Subsequently released on the French label Bleu Regard in 2000.

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Beast Is, Barry Wallenstein, 1978, AK-1020

Tracks : Revenge, Liberty NY, Legend Of The Wild West, In The Money Talk, All Messed Up, Skimmer, Deception I And II, Snow Fire, A House In The Mountains, Loss Of Parts, Complaint, Paranoia, Back Ache, Beast Is A Wolf, Spider's Way, Snake, A Sleeping Man, Field Of Questions, Shorty Life Of A Five-Minute Dancer, Footprints, Where I Need To Be, Time After Time

Musicians : Barry Wallenstein, Stanley Cowell, Cecil McBee

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Alabama Feeling, Arthur Doyle Plus 4, 1978, AK 1030

Tracks : November 8th Or 9th - I Can't Remember When, Something For Caserlo, Larry, & Irma, A Little Linda, Debra, Omita, Barry & Maria, Ancestors, Mother Image, Father Image, Development: BaBi Music For Milford & Huge/Alabama Soul For Arthur/Ramie And Master Charles Of The Trombone

Musicians : Arthur Doyle, Charles Stephens, Richard Williams, Bruce Moore, Rashied Sinan

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Taking Off, Barry Wallenstein, 1982, AK-BA 1040

Tracks : Careful Bump / Lucky Man / Macho Mouth, Cages, Love Talk / Rescue / Hazard Heat, Do It Now / Short Life, The Jeweled Moths / Going On, Taking Off, Time Down / Love And Crush / Autumn Music, Birthday Poem / Tune For Annie, To My Love / Lady Of Fashin / A Lone, In The Breath Of The Drum / Girl On The Bed, Lullaby Land / Improv

Musicians : Barry Wallenstein, Charles Tyler, Jeremy Steig, Bill Chelf, Jeff Meyer

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