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Auricle Records discography

This page lists releases by Auricle Records.

Auricle Records was founded by Gerry Hemingway as an outlet for his music. The company is based in Switzerland. The first release on the label was in 1978.

For more information visit the Auricle Records Bandcamp page or Gerry Hemingway's website.

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Auricle Records albums

Kwambe, Gerry Hemingway, 1978, Auricle AUR 1

Tracks : Kwambe, 1st Landscape: A Suite In Three Parts: Watershed / Leaves / Precipice, Walking Alone, The Tall Trees Sang, Speak Brother

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway, George Lewis (track 2), Ray Anderson (track 4), Wes Brown (track 1), Anthony Davis (tracks 1 & 2), Mark Helias (tracks 1 & 4), Jay Hoggard (track 1)

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Oahspe, Ray Anderson / Mark Helias / Gerry Hemingway, 1979, Auricle AUR 2

Tracks : Gyro, Albert, Beef, Sextant, Gibberish

Musicians : Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway

Notes : This trio were known as BassDrumBone but that name is not used on this release and perhaps had not been adopted by the group at the date of the album release.

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Solo Works, Gerry Hemingway, 1981, Auricle AUR 3

Tracks : Black Wind, The Heming Way, The Dawntreader, D.R for Solo Percussion

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway

Notes : This album is dedicated to Baby Dodds.

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Johnny's Corner Song, Gerry Hemingway Quartet, 1998, Auricle AUR 4

Tracks : Johnny's Corner Song, On It, Gentle Ben, Toombow

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway, Robin Eubanks, Ellery Eskelin, Mark Dresser

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Cooked To Perfection, BassDrumBone, 1999, Auricle AUR 5

Tracks : Mississippi Mud, Endorphin, Pork, On The Way, Elegy For Willie Vargas, Question Mark, One Night In Krefeld, Portrait Of Mark Dresser

Musicians : Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway

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Tubworks, Gerry Hemingway, 2005, Auricle AUR 06

Tracks : Four Studies For Single Instruments : Snare Drum / Hi-Hat / Bass Drum / Cymbal, Trance Tracks, Tub Etudes, Like So Many Sails, Dance Of The Sphygmoids

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway

Notes : Originally released on the German label Sound Aspects in 1988.

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Buffalo Pearl, John Butcher / Gerry Hemingway, 2008, Auricle AUR 07

Tracks : Light Queen, Head Nickel, McGeist, No Illusion, The Good Neighbor

Musicians : John Butcher, Gerry Hemingway

Notes : Recorded live at Soundlab in Buffalo, NY on April 17, 2005.

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Kinetics, Tom & Gerry: Gerry Hemingway, Thomas Lehn, 2008, Auricle AUR 08

Tracks : Patina, Verdigris, Mould, Bozzetto, Maquette

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway, Thomas Lehn

Notes : Tracks recorded live in Austria, Germany and France in 2003 (tracks 1 to 4) and 2006 (track 5).

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Below The Surface Of, Gerry Hemingway & Terrence McManus, 2010, Auricle AUR 09

Tracks : The Night Ocean, The Constants, The Glass Lake, The Rush To Get There, The Dry Land, The Disturbance, The Amber Field

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway, Terrence McManus

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Pulses, Jin Hi Kim & Gerry Hemingway, 2010, Auricle AUR 10

Tracks : Double Portraits, Windtails, Rain Dance, Pale Blue Dot, Delmos & Phobos, Saturn's Ring, Quick Step, Return, Pulses

Musicians : Jin Hi Kim, Gerry Hemingway

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Inbetween Spaces, Ellery Eskelin & Gerry Hemingway, 2010, Auricle AUR 11

Tracks : Motion And Thought, Stillness And Flow, Sustain And Footwork, Deft And Bounce, Shaken And Spill, Stars And Treetops

Musicians : Ellery Eskelin, Gerry Hemingway

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Kernelings, Gerry Hemingway, 2014, Auricle AUR 12+13

Tracks : CD (Solo Works 1995-2012): Ringo, Hymn Away, Dust, May Bell, B Slow, Ohwoshegoshesay, Bluethroat, For Whom, Steel And Bass, Calling You, B Slow Again, Up On High, Snares, For Chick Webb, Slowings / DVD (Kernelings): Kernelings, Waterways, Solo For Cymbals, Interview

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway

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The WHO Zoo, WHO Trio, 2014, Auricle AUR 14 + 15

Tracks : CD 1 (Acoustic): Chilabreela, Raccitus, Demmpa, Whylateakki, Rembellarun, Sloeperr, Breneen / CD 2 (Electric): Egg Mixer, Lamp Bowl, Kettle Opener

Musicians : Michel Wintsch, Gerry Hemingway, Bänz Oester

Notes : Originally released as a double CD. Subsequently made available disitally on the Auricle site as two releases: The WHO Zoo (Acoustic) and The WHO Zoo (Electric).

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The Long Road, BassDrumBone, 2016, Auricle AUR 16 + 17

Tracks : Oh Yeah, Bungle Low, BluRay, Kemp, Why Not?, Quomput, Tone L, At Another Time / CD 2: Bluish, Different Cities, Cherry Pickin, The Line Up, Lands' End

Musicians : Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway / Guests: Jason Moran (tracks 2, 5 & 7), Joe Lovano (tracks 3, 9 & 11)

Notes : The last two tracks were recorded live in Lausanne on March 11, 2013. The other tracks were recorded at Acoustic Recordings in Brooklyn in August 2016.

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Kammern I - V, Graewe / Reijseger / Hemingway, 2019, Auricle AUR 18

Tracks : Kammer I, Kammer II, Kammer III, Kammer IV, Kammer V

Musicians : Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger, Gerry Hemingway

Notes : Originally released as a limited edition CD with individual, hand painted artwork.

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Outerbridge Crossing Live, Gerry Hemingway Quintet & Quartet, 2020, Auricle

Tracks : Outerbridge Crossing (Live 1989), Not Having (Live 1989), Endorphin (Live 1989), Outerbridge Crossing (Live 1991)

Musicians : Tracks 1 to 3: Gerry Hemingway, Steve Swell, David Mott, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Helias / Track 4: Gerry Hemingway, Wolter Wierbos, Michael Moore, Mark Dresser

Notes : Tracks 1 to 3 recorded live at the Knitting Factory, NYC on June 30, 1989. Track 4 recorded live at Dieselstrasse 25 in Esslingen, Germany on December 1, 1991.

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Outerbridge Crossing, Gerry Hemingway Quintet, 2020?, Auricle

Tracks : Outerbridge Crossing, Not Having, Endorphin, Threnody For Charles Mingus, Junctures

Musicians : Gerry Hemingway, Ray Anderson, David Mott, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Helias

Notes : Recorded in 1985 and originally released on Sound Aspects in Germany in 1987. Probably released digitally on Auricle in 2020.

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