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Avant Records discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Avant label. The label was started by John Zorn in Japan in 1992

The releases are listed below in catalog number sequence. Uncertain of the exact release year for may of the albums. The last release on the label appears to have been in 2003 or 2004.

Avant Records albums

Heretic, Naked City, 1992, Avant 001

Tracks : Main Titles, Sex Games, The Brood, Sweat, Sperm + Blood, Vliet, Heretic 1, Submission, Heretic 2, Catacombs, Heretic 3, My Master, My Slave, Saint Jude, The Conqueror Worm, Dominatrix 5B, Back Through The Looking Glass, Here Come The 7,000 Frogs, Slaughterhouse/Chase Sequence, Castle Keep, Mantra Of Resurrected Shit, Trypsicore, Fire And Ice (Club Scene), Crosstalk, Labyrinth

Musicians : John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith, Joey Baron, Yamatsuka Eye

album cover

Grand Guignol, Naked City, 1992, Avant 002

Tracks : Grand Guignol, La cathédrale engloutie, Three Preludes Op. 74: Douloureux, déchirant, Three Preludes Op. 74: Très lent, contemplatif, Three Preludes Op. 74: Allegro drammatico, Prophetiae Sibyllarum, The Cage, Louange à l'éternité de Jésus, Blood Is Thin, Thrash Jazz Assassin, Dead Spot, Bonehead, Piledriver, Shangkuan Ling-Feng, Numbskull, Perfume of a Critic's Burning Flesh, Jazz Snob: Eat Shit, The Prestidigitator, No Reason to Believe, Hellraiser, Torture Garden, Slan, The Ways of Pain, The Noose, Sack of Shit, Blunt Instrument, Osaka Bondage, Shallow Grave, Kaoru, Dead Dread, Billy Liar, Victims of Torture, Speedfreaks, New Jersey Scum Swamp, S/M Sniper, Pigfucker, Cairo Chop Shop, Facelifter, Whiplash, The Blade, Gob of Spit

Musicians : John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith, Joey Baron, Yamatsuka Eye, Bob Dorough

album cover

Radio, Naked City, 1993, Avant 003

Tracks : Asylum, Sunset Surfer, Party Girl, The Outsider, Triggerfingers, Terkmani Teepee, Sex Fiend, Razorwire, The Bitter And The Sweet, Krazy Kat, The Vault, Metaltov, Poisonhead, Bone Orchard, I Die Screaming, Pistol Whipping, Skatekey, Shock Corridor, American Psycho

Musicians : John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith, Joey Baron, Yamatsuka Eye

album cover

Absinthe, Naked City, 1993, Avant 004

Tracks : Val de Travers, Une Correspondance, La Fée Verte, Fleurs Du Mal, Artemisia Absinthium, Notre Dame De L'oubli (For Olivier Messiaen), Verlaine: Part I: Un Midi Moins Dix, Verlaine: Part II: La Bleue, ...Rend Fou

Musicians : John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith, Joey Baron

album cover

In His Own Sweet Way: A Tribute to Dave Brubeck, Various Artists, 2000, Avan 005

Tracks : Blue Shadows In The Street (David Slusser), Far More Blues (Uri Caine), In Your Own Sweet Way (Pachora), Summer Song (Bill Frisell), Blue Rondo A La Turk (Ruins), Tokyo Traffic (Medeski Martin & Wood), The Duke (Anthony Coleman), Calcutta Blues (Eyvind Kang), Sixth Sense (Slowpoke (3)), Winter Ballad (Erik Friedlander), Jumpin (Sex Mob), Nomad (Dave Douglas), Three To Get Ready (Joey Baron), Golden Horn (David Krakauer)

album cover

DNA (Last Live at CBGB's), DNA, 1993, Avan 006

Tracks : Newest Fastest, 5:30, Detach, New New, 32123, Brand New, Horse, Forgery, New Fast, Blonde Red Head, Action, Marshall, Lying On The Sofa Of Life, New Low, Calling To Phone

Musicians : Arto Lindsay, Ikue Mori, Tim Wright

album cover

Bucketheadland, Buckethead, 1992, Avan 007

Tracks : Intro: Park Theme, Giant Robot: Interlude, Giant Robot Theme, Enter Guillatine, Giant Robot Vs. Guillatine, Bucketbots Jig: Bucketbots Jig, Enter Slipdisc, Bansheebot Vs. Buckethead, Slaughter Zone: The Haunted Farm, Hook & Pole Gang, Cattle Prod, Phantom Monk, The Rack, Nosin', Gorey Head Stump, Sterling Scapula, Skid's Looking Where, Steel Wedge, Wonka In Slaughter Zone, Nosin' Part 2, Diabolical Minds, Alice In Slaughterland, Bleeding Walls, Buddy On A Slab, Buddy In The Graveyard, Oh Jeez..., Funeral Time, Computer Master, Virtual Reality Home Run Derby: Virtual Reality Part 1, Virtual Reality Part 2, Interlude, Main Theme, I Love My Parents / Dance Remixes: Intro: Park Theme Extension, Guillatine Battle, Giant Robot Theme, Robot Dance, Virtual Reality, Bansheebot Bop, Baseball Buddy

Musicians : Buckethead

album cover

Allegorical Misunderstanding, Fushitsusha, 199?, Avan 008

Tracks : Magic I, Magic II, Magic III, Magic IV, Magic V, Magic VI, Magic VII, Magic VIII, Magic IX, Magic X

album cover

Dreamspeed, Anton Fier, 1993, Avan 009

Tracks : Dreamspeed, Being And Time, Emotional Smear, Cloud Without Water, Time Function, A Vague Sense Of Order (Bloody Miles Mix), Never Come Morning, Dreamspeed (Realm Of The Senseless Mix), A Vague Sense Of Order

Musicians : Anton Fier, Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Buckethead, Matt Stein, Phew, Makino Kazu

album cover

Cyclotron, Blind Idiot God, 1992, Avan 010

Tracks : 747, Slackjaw, Ground Lift, Thunderhead, Head On, Hangtime, Cloudcover, Cold Start, Death Hollow Canyon, Utah, Easing Back, Broadside, Dead Continent Dub

Musicians : Ted Epstein, Andy Hawkins, Gabriel Katz

album cover

Disco by Night, Anthony Coleman, 1992, Avan 011

Tracks : By Night (1987-1988), Jevrejski By Night (1990-1992), Trend Man (1992), A Hurtful Angle (1992), Disco By Night (1989-1990)

Musicians : Anthony Coleman, Guy Klucevsek, Doug Wieselman, Roy Nathanson, James Pugliese, Gisburg Smialek

album cover

Nana & Victorio, Peter Garland, 1992, Avan 012

Tracks : Nana + Victorio (1990-91) For Solo Percussionist: Victorio - Meditation On Thunder, Dress For War - Enchanted Words, The Corrigibles - Bonty Time, Geronimo (Peyote Songs), Nanay (Rock 'N' Roll), Nana + Victorio / II. Peñasco Blanco (1984) For Vibraphone & Piano

Musicians : William Winant, Julie Steinberg

album cover

Shock Corridor, David Shea, 1992, Avan 013

Tracks : Shock Corridor, Cartoon For Scott Bradley, Trio For Samplers

Musicians : David Shea, Anthony Coleman, Jim Staley, Shelley Hirsch, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Jim Pugliese

album cover

Voyager, George E. Lewis, 1993, Avan 014

Tracks : Voyager Duo 1, Voyager Duo 2, Voyager Duo 3, Voyager Duo 4, Voyager Duo 5, Voyager Duo 6, Voyager Duo 7, Voyager Duo 8, Home Coming

Musicians : George E. Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell

album cover

In Double Light, Lee Hyla, 1993, Avan 015

Tracks : In Double Light, Mythic Birds Of Saugerties, String Quartet #2 (In Three Movements), Ciao Manhattan

Musicians : Lee Hyla, Tim Smith, Jim Pugliese, Elizabeth Rodgers, Theodore Mook, Elizabeth Brown

album cover

Plexure, John Oswald, 1993, Avan 016

Tracks : Open, Urge, Manifold, Blur, Zoom, Cypher, Compact, Worse, Mad Mod Temperature, Massive, Velocity

album cover

Construction and Demolition, Rough Assemblage, 1995, Avan 017

Tracks : Mit Starken Schlägen Streckt' Ich Dich (Mark Degliantoni), Construction Et Démolition (Eric Qin), Year One (Norman Yamada), Ring 'Em (Mark Degliantoni), Mr. Eadweard J. Muybridge Observes The Representation (By Aid Of His Amazing New Zoopraxiscope) Of Horses In Motion, Palo Alto, California, 1879 (Eric Qin)

album cover

Isabelle, Zeena Parkins, 1995, Avan 018

Tracks : Isabelle (1993): Outside, The Magician, EL OUED: Romance, Si Mahmoud Essadi: The Convert, La Petite Gironde: Victor Barrucand Lends A Hand, Fever, Monastery Of Kenadsa, AIN SEFRA: In Captivity And Flood, Oblivion Seekers, The Breath Of Night / Hup! (1992): Look Out For Gail Garrity - Girl Wonder, Chamber Of Eternal Wisdom, ...The Uncanny Feeling Of Being Wathced..., "MY GOD! Have I Flung Myself Into An Endless Void?", Ju-Jitsu Jimmy - Impulse Beam Rising

Musicians : Zeena Parkins, Sara Parkins, Margaret Parkins, Ikue Mori, Lisa Crowder

album cover

SMUT, Dave Soldier, 1994, Avan 019

Tracks : Chorea Lascivia: Dum Caupona Verterem, Ad Puerum Anglicum, Odalisque In The Seraglio, Miser, Miser, Graffitti From A Ninth-Century Manuscript, Quodlibet, Parisius Paridi, Letter To Ausonius / Matarile

Musicians : Dave Soldier, Bob Bannister, Ben Neill, Rob Bethea, Rafael De Los Santos, Willie Hernandez, James Pugliese, Samm Bennett, Jose R. Cespedes, Napua Davoy, Tiye' Giraud, Wilbur Pauley, Wilson Arias, Alejandro Taveras, Ana Gonzales, Bianel Ramos, Deyamira De Luna, Dioremi Felix, Dolly Rosario, Julio Sanchez, Marielys Divanne, Merlyn Jaime, Rocio Taveras, Victor Rosa, Wilson Hidalgo, Yokaira Feliz

album cover

Perfume, David Weinstein, 1998?, Avan 020

Tracks : The First Perfume, Hanuman's Leap, Doris From Rego Park, The Second Perfume, Psychoscared Map, The Third Perfume, Dyslexia, The Fourth Perfume, Theme From The Poison Crop, The Fifth Perfume

Musicians : David Weinstein

album cover

With Six Composers, Min Xiao-Fen, 1998, Avan 021

Tracks : Duo Ye, The Pipa, C-A-G-E III, Run, Lake Biwa A Full Moon Purewater Gold, Terrain, Green Song

Musicians : Min Xiao-Fen

album cover

Faith, The Loss of Faith, and the Return of Faith, Stephen Drury, 1999, Avan 022

Tracks : From The Transcendental Etudes (Études D'exécution Transcendante), Piano Sonata In A-Flat, Opus 110

Musicians : Stephen Drury

album cover

Lubambo, Romero Lubambo, 1999, Avan 023

Tracks : Bachiao, Pro Flavio, Ceero, By The Brook, Nira, Trio Da Paz, Theme #1, Batida Diferente, Pamela Elaine, For Raphael, Magalha Blues, Valencia 1

Musicians : Romero Lubambo

album cover

O Solo Drumbo, John French, 1999, Avan 024

Tracks : Abba Zaba Drums, Disposable Thoughts, Weaned From The Earth, The Thousandth And Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole, We Are In Control?, Bat Chain Puller: The Movie, Hair Pie Drums, Three For 5, P-K-RO P, Suzanne, Steal Softly Through Snow Drums, What's A Cobble Box?

Musicians : John French

album cover

Avan 025

Catalog number not used for a released recording

album cover

Wow 2, Boredoms, 199?, Avan 026

Tracks : Domsbore, Jet Net, Rat Soup, Pop Can, Rydeen!!, Heps, VV Rule, Domdoms, 100 Dom, Mogo?, Ok, Do, On, Up

album cover

V as in Victim, Pigpen, 1994?, Avan 027

Tracks : Cause I'm in Love Yeah, Speech, A Portrait of Hank Williams Jr., Light This Candle, Testament, V as in Victim, Stompin' at the Cranium, Again, Jazzmaster, Mr. Rogers

Musicians : Wayne Horvitz, Briggan Krauss, Fred Chalenor, Mike Stone

album cover

The Joy of Disease, James Plotkin, 1996?, Avan 028

Tracks : Casual Murder, Hung On A Line, Red Plateau, Fuzzy, Yes. Well, No., Bloodslide, Euphoria Passing, Polar Shift, Disease As A Child

Musicians : James Plotkin, Ruth Collins, Franz Treichler, Mick Harris

album cover

Delicious, Cake Like, 1994?, Avan 029

Tracks : Billy Boy, Bum Leg, Sweet 15, Fruitcake, Suck, Homewrecker, Fall Down, Lovely Ladies, Abraham Lincoln, Jane, Spaceguy

Musicians : Nina Hellman, Kerri Kenney, Jody Seifert

album cover

Painted Desert, Ikue Mori, 1995, Avan 030

Tracks : Mojave, Medicine Man, Desperado, Cheyenne, El Dorado, Santa Ana Excursion, Gundown, Painted Desert

Musicians : Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Robert Quine

album cover

Disco Bhangra: Wedding Bands From Rajasthan, Various, 1994?, Avan 031

Tracks : Aj Aj (Today Today) (Prakash Band), Disco Bhangra (Prakash Band), Ruk Jao Janewale (Stop Passenger) (Choutou Band), Jhumar (Village Band), Tequila (Prakash Band), Aj Aj (Instrumental) (Prakash Band), I'm A Disco Dancer (Babu Band), Mere Rang Mem Ramgnevali (You Who Are Entangled In My Love) (Gulab Panjab Band), Disco Bhangra (Temple Boy)

album cover

Mir Shlufn Nisht, God Is My Co-Pilot, 1995?, Avan 032

Tracks : Vot Vot Ja Niin Niin, Hora, Tanz Liz Cohane, Tuppasuita, Dayenu, Miyimalel, Miyimalel, Piramidn, !B'Nai!, Like/Park, We Don't Sleep, Raketapisztoly, Miinan Laulu, Katrussya, Tantsukolena Fin, Nya Skor, Sissy Dog, Khad Gad Yo, Churla, Palmcore, Hatikvah, Mia Geht Nach Bodega, Oyfn Nil, Tantsukolena Yid

Musicians : Craig Flanagin, Sharon Topper, Alex Klein, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Samara Lubelski, Anthony Coleman, Elliott Sharp, Louis Belogenis, Andy Haas, Michael Evans, Siobhan Duffy, Laura Cromwell, Mia Keinänen, Tanja Lahtinen

album cover

Shrek, Marc Ribot, 1994, Avan 033

Tracks : Prelude, Spigot, Forth World, Romance, Hoist the Bloody Icon High, Half Ass Whole, Big Money, Shrek, Human Sacrifice, Bells

Musicians : Marc Ribot, Chris Wood, David Shea, Sebastian Steinberg, Jim Pugliese, Christine Bard, Marc Anthony Thompson

album cover

Heads & Tales, Z'EV, 1996, Avan 034

Tracks : Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled

Musicians : Z'EV

album cover

Twelve Minor, Ben Goldberg, 1997?, Avan 035

Tracks : Statement Of Themes On Contra-Alto Clarinet, The Horizon Exaggerates The Nearness Of The Horizon, Twine: Harmony, Half Silence, Only Saved By Poetry, The Assortment, Lacuna, Goodbye Rosario

Musicians : Ben Goldberg, Rob Sudduth, Carla Kihlstedt, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Wollesen, Miya Masaoka

album cover

Slay the Suitors, Bobby Previte's Empty Suits, 1994, Avan 036

Tracks : Fantasy And Nocturne, Waltz, Canon, Prelude And Elegy

Musicians : Bobby Previte, Robin Eubanks, Steve Gaboury, Wayne Horvitz, Jerome Harris, Roger Squitero

album cover

The Unknown, Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble, 1994, Avan 037

Tracks : Men's Hands, Putting Crazy Ideas In Her Head Again, 20 Gypsy Souls Are Kept Out Of Hell, There Is Nothing I Will Not Do To Own Her, But You Forget.........., What Is The Price For Your Silence About My Past, A Toast But It's Strange, No..... Not Sick, It Was Just Something In Here That Stung Like The Lash Of A Whip, Nothing Will Happen, Hate Death Hate Love

Musicians : Phillip Johnston, Bob Debellis, Steve Swell, Joe Ruddick, David Hofstra, Kevin Norton

album cover

Who's Bridge, Misha Mengelberg Trio, 1994, Avan 038

Tracks : Rollo II, A Bit Nervous, Rumbone, Romantic Jump Of Hares, Gare Guillemans, Crocodile Tear, Rollo III, Peer's Counting Song, Elevator III, Who's Bridge, Almost, Almost

Musicians : Misha Mengelberg, Brad Jones, Joey Baron

album cover

Signals for Tea, Steve Beresford, 1995, Avan 039

Tracks : All My Fibres, Rent, Unremarkable, Signals for Tea, Approximate Song, Let's Get Cynical, Good Morning, The 3 Doors, Elephants, Little Window, The Agony of You, Good Morning (Solo Version), Speed Limit, Unremarkable (Solo Version)

Musicians : Steve Beresford, John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Greg Cohen, Kenny Wollesen

album cover

Spinning Song: Duck Baker Plays the Music of Herbie Nichols, Duck Baker, 1996, Avan 040

Tracks : The Third World, The Happenings, Lady Sings The Blues, Nick At T's, House Party Starting, 2300 Skidoo, Portrait Of Ucha, 134th St., Spinning Song

Musicians : Duck Baker

album cover

Fear No Love, Bob Ostertag, 1994, Avan 041

Tracks : Scared Of Love, The Man In The Blue Slip, Eat Dust, Not Your Girl, Right Like A Railroad, Positive

Musicians : Bob Ostertag, JD Reilly, Jim Hedges, Fred Frith, Jim Hedges, Christian Huygen, Andrea Lewis, William Winant, Justin Bond, Mike Patton, Annie Toone, Justin Bond, Lynn Breedlove, Mike Patton, Philip Horvitz, Richie Waits, Joey Blake, Raz Kennedy

album cover

Bath, Chris Cochrane, 1995, Avan 042

Tracks : Last Night, Stupid, Faith, Duty First, Teeth, Or Else, Residual, Manners, Careful, Spit, Hit By A Car, Anyway, Above My Head, Tony, Give Me, Patricide, Ukethis, A Memory

Musicians : Chris Cochrane, Zeena Parkins, Marc Anthony Thompson, Ann Rupel, Hanna Fox

album cover

Weird Little Boy, Weird Little Boy, 1998?, Avan 043

Tracks : Two Weeks on a Morphine Drip / New Dirt and New Flies / Lorne Greene, If the Gun Has a Mind / Redeye / Worms and Shit, Totally Poobied, Weird Little Boy, Lungfull of Water, Séance, When Blood Fills a Cylinder, Waiting, Blindness

Musicians : John Zorn, Trey Spruance, William Winant, Mike Patton, Chris Cochrane

album cover

Pain Pen, Eugene Chadbourne, 2000?, Avan 044

Tracks : Pullpipanpipaino, Painlipensiberos, Poolialoofair, Aposuniulibers, Upslinelibberos, Lobeilairliberos, Leinileansberos, Oanseeabiears, Pallipaleipunop, Ourlilesiallana

Musicians : Eugene Chadbourne, Joe Morris, Mark Dresser, Susie Ibarra

album cover

Live at Yoshi's, Jenny Scheinman Quartet, 2000, Avan 045

Tracks : Junius Elektra, Sensitive New Age Caveman, 25 At 2525, Weighing Water, Stumble Light, Parenthesis, Through The Dark

Musicians : Jenny Scheinman, Dave MacNab, Todd Sickafoose, Scott Amendola

album cover

China Collage, Liu Sola & Wu Man, 1996, Avan 046

Tracks : Festivals, Love, Death, Life Journeys, War

Musicians : Liu Sola, Wu Man

album cover

Resia Valley Music, Smarnamisa!: Folk Songs And Dances From North-East Italy, 1996, Avan 047

album cover

Arnhem Land, Andy Haas, 1997, Avan 048

Tracks : Escarpment, Mortuary Rites, The Lightning Man, Subincision, Burial Cave, Green Ant Song, The Burning Earth, Cicatrix, Ochred Bones, In The Belly Of The Snake, Song For The Dead, Undreamt

Musicians : Andy Haas, Ikue Mori, Cyro Baptista, Keiji Haino, Fred Frith, Anthony Coleman, Makigami Koichi

album cover

Tokyo Operations '94, John Zorn's Cobra, 1995, Avan 049

Tracks : Sensyo, Tomobiki, Senbu, Butsumetsu, Taian, Shakko

Musicians : Isso Yukihiro, Uemura Masahiro, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Kinoshita Shinichi, Senba Kiyohiko, Takei Makoto, Tanaka Yumiko, Nakamura Hitomi, Maruta Miki, Mekken, Yamamoto Kyoko, Ito Taeko, Makigami Koichi

album cover

Viper, Derek Bailey & Min Xiao–Fen, 1998, Avan 050

Tracks : Bai Ha She, Huang Qin, Zhu Ye, Ba Qing Ye, Wan Er Wan, Xiang Qing Qing, Sha Fen, Zhu Shu

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Min Xiao–Fen

album cover

Harmolodic Jeopardy, Dim Sum Clip Job, 1996, Avan 051

Tracks : New York Ribs, Spy Smasher, Last August @ The Hotel Ozone, MC Mega 1000 Tard Girls, Jive Stalking, You Suck, You Fuck, Crash & Burn, Raw Power, Gross Pay, Michigan, X-Mas, Yer Fired, Crack Lobster, Killing Jar

Musicians : Laura Cromwell, Robert Price, Chris Cochrane, Gordon Knauer, Jay Brown, Kenny Wollesen, Hope Cromwell

album cover

We Are The Rage, Jad Fair & The Shapir–O'Rama, 1996, Avan 052

Tracks : Meet Me By The Prison Wall, I Comb My Hair With My Hand, Book Of Love, Love In Stores, Jamboree, I Love Honey, I Saw Chris Economaki, Caterpillar, We Are The Rage, Shnella, Call Me, Electric, I Knew I Know (Just One Look), Convert, Lots Of Room For Love, The Party, Olives, Evelyn Day, Don't Change A Thing, Summer / Winter, Rice A Roni, Be It Again, And I Love Her

Musicians : Jad Fair, Kim Rancourt, Chuck Marcus, Dave Rick, Steve Dibenedetto, Robert Meetsma, Jeff Schoen

album cover

Prelapse, Prelapse, 1999, Avan 053

Tracks : Menstrual Mystery Meat, Alarms, Corkscrew, Mintcrumb Rosette, Slingshot, Blood Sucking Freaks, Screwball, Cold, Message For Alex Pt.1, Lachrym, 545: Mystery Hole, Leper Sap, Spectres Of Bird, Basketcase, Fat Neck, No Neck, Message For Alex Pt.2, Drag, Bug Skull, The Shirike, Pools Of Urine, Bloodbath, Purged Specimen, Coda

Musicians : John Zorn, Jeff Hudgins, Dane Johnson, Alex Lacamoire, Mason Wendell, Andy Sanesi

album cover

I Need 5 Minutes Alone, Pieces, 1997, Avan 054

Tracks : Peesez Monologue, Pieces, Danyel, Ginger, 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, Scoop Rack, I'll Wait, Carl Junghole, Twice With The Sledge, Hazelnut Cream Pie, Slapatron, Bobafi Crucify, General Butterfly

Musicians : Brain, Buckethead, Herbie, Bobesett

album cover

Larval, Larval, 1996, Avan 055

Tracks : Surfing In Detroit, Madagascar, The Entity, Slow Death Of A Very Large Animal, Microscopic Life, Out Of Tune Guitar, Surrounded By Light, Blue Larvae

Musicians : Bill Brovold, Erik Gustafson, Beth Wilusz, John Evans, Otto Kentrol, Dean Western, Wil Osler

album cover

Harras, Derek Bailey/John Zorn/William Parker, 1996, Avan 056

Tracks : Morning Harras, Noon Harras, Evening Harras

Musicians : Derek Bailey, John Zorn, William Parker

album cover

Chimera, Erik Friedlander, 1995, Avan 057

Tracks : Alluvium, Turbine #1, Mercy Street, Single Whip, Blind Tiger, Little Niles, Chimera, Fekunk

Musicians : Erik Friedlander, Chris Speed, Andrew D'Angelo, Drew Gress

album cover

Live in Europe, Arcado String Trio, 1996, Avan 058

Tracks : Harkening, Xanax, Armadillo, Lanette, Ediface, Biruta, Behind The Myth

Musicians : Mark Feldman, Ernst Reijseger, Mark Dresser

album cover

Crackshot, Joey Baron & Barondown, 199?, Avan 059

Tracks : D.B., Dog, Offering from a Pigeon, Toothpick Serenade, Punt, Games on a Train, Friend, 11:58, Oseola, Tantilla Garden, Sittin' on a Cornflake

Musicians : Joey Baron, Steve Swell, Ellery Eskelin

album cover

Guitar, Drums N Bass, Derek Bailey, 1996, Avan 060

Tracks : N/JZ/BM (Re-Mix), Re-Re-Re (Up-Mix), DNJBB (Cake-Mix), Concrete (Cement-Mix), Ninj (De-Mix), Pie (Amatosis-Mix)

Musicians : Derek Bailey, D.J. Ninj

album cover

Vira Loucos: Plays The Music Of Villa Lobos, Cyro Baptista, 1997, Avan 061

Tracks : Dansa, Passion In The Basement, Cantiga, Ama / Teresinha De Jesus, Complaint / Sabia, Choro / Trenzinho Caipira, Choros Number 8, Dansa Do Indio Branco, Ciranda, Sapo Cururu

Musicians : Cyro Baptista, Marc Ribot, Romero Lubambo, John Zorn, Greg Cohen, Romero Lubambo, Chango Spasiuk, Vanessa Fallabella, Nana Vasconcelos, Akiko Matsumoto, Alessandro Ciari, Carolina Teizeria, Healey Gabison, Kaleb Moreau, Lauren Melquiond, Lira Teizeria, Moran Broza, Roman Broza, Sabina Ciari, Stepanie Teixeira, Tessa Fernandes

album cover

, Drums of Death, Ashanti Tribe Of Ghana / Ewe Tribe Of Ghana, 1997, Avan 062

Tracks : Parago, Akom, Adva 1, Adva 2, Atokwe 1, Atokwe 2, Atokwe 3

Musicians : Ashanti Tribe Of Ghana, Ewe Tribe Of Ghana

album cover

Live at the Pito Bar, Bernard Woma, 1997, Avan 063

Tracks : Kelewele, Fufu, 100 Cedis, Gori Foto, Tiebou Dienne

Musicians : Bernard Woma

album cover

Sigiri, Abdulai Bangoura, 1999, Avan 064

Tracks : Melange, Fakoli, L'Amite, Kayiroba, Sigiri, Sorsome

Musicians : Abdulai Bangoura

album cover

Music for Violin and Piano, Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier, 1999, Avan 065

Tracks : Smoke, One Too: Too Romantisch Too / Too Speedy, La Goulante de l'Idiot, Kit: Les Tenebrides / Murmur / Luna Park, Gugging, Dog Town Road, Valse Nise, Terre d'Agala

Musicians : Mark Feldman, Sylvie Courvoisier

album cover

Sanctuary, Dave Douglas, 1997, Avan 066

Tracks : Part One: Apparition, Three Beasts, Swoon, The Lethe, Dark Wood, The Dome, Heavenly Messenger, Among Frogs / Part Two: Limbo, The Great Cliff, The Lantern, Mad Dog, The Flower, Contemplation, Coins, Among Stars

Musicians : Dave Douglas, Cuong Vu, Yuka Honda, Anthony Coleman, Mark Dresser, Hilliard Greene, Chris Speed, Dougie Bowne

album cover

Paniots Nine, Joe Maneri, 1998, Avan 067

Tracks : Paniots Nine, Shift Your Tail, Sopra, After Myself, Mountains, Why Don't You Go Far Away, The Horse, Jewish Concert

Musicians : Joe Maneri, Don Burns, Greg Silberman, John Beal, Pete Dolger

album cover

Ragged Jack, Jamie Saft/Cuong Vu, 1997, Avan 068

Tracks : Garbo, Mr. Mister, Little Vina, The Schmucklehead, Mahunk, In Hear, Or Anything Else, Karin, Jack's In The House

Musicians : Jamie Saft, Cuong Vu, Andrew D'Angelo, Jim Black

album cover

The Hearing, Bruce Ackley, 1998, Avan 069

Tracks : Out Of The Box, 1, 2, Radical 3, Juggernaut, Mr. Mood, JT, Syndrome, Serf Music, The Clear Blue Sky, Actual Size, Ivan's Bell

Musicians : Bruce Ackley, Greg Cohen, Joey Baron

album cover

Refractions: Plays the Music of Burt Bacharach, Marie McAuliffe, 1998, Avan 070

Tracks : I Say A Little Prayer, Promises, Promises / Do You Know The Way To San Jose?, In Between The Heartaches, Are You There (With Another Girl), Wives And Lovers, Alfie / A House Is Not A Home, In The Land Of Make-Believe, Trains And Boats And Planes, Where Are You?, Look Of Love, One Less Bell To Answer

Musicians : Marie McAuliffe, Rob Henke, Chris Washburne, Rich Perry, Dave Hofstra, Kevin Norton

album cover

Barhopping, Whistling Hangmen, 1998, Avan 071

Tracks : Mumps, Red Cross 110, Shinola, Doray Junction, Pegleg, The Alibi, Pretty Polly, The Superintendent, Myrtle

Musicians : Danny Blume, Oren Bloedow, Aaron Heick, Don Falzone, Ben Perowsky, John Medeski

album cover

Fair-Haired Guillotine, Alva, 1998, Avan 072

Tracks : The Warped Oar, Mommy, Clues From Under The Carousel, Fly Piece, Flux, Succubus, Edward Gorey, Cold War, Last Rites, Tobacc'er, Blue Uterus, Tidbit, Pyromaniac, Dance Of David, Paper Mache Monsters, Anni

Musicians : Aida Ruilova, Liza Wakeman, Michelle Anderson, Gerard Kowenhoven, Eric Harris

album cover

ESP, EasSide Percussion, 1998, Avan 073

Tracks : Potion, 1000 Voices, Green Valley, The Cure, Freak Funk, Second Body Incantation, The Pear, Matrix, Water Mirage, Fresh Tears, Crash, Spark Gap, Yellow Booth, Shrekking, Elixir, Out Of Body Helper, Mirrored Exorcism, Preparation For Death, False Blindness, Magnetic Healing

Musicians : Christine Bard, James Pugliese, Michael Evans

album cover

An Unclear Trial: More Than This, Keiji Haino, 1998, Avan 074

Tracks : An 83 2/9 Time That Was Carried Out Here, An Unity With A Hole That May Come In In A Blinking Moment, Never Did I Imagine That There Exists An Eight-Layered Handicap, A Clear Consciousness That Can Only Lay The Will To "STOP", Rolling On The Time And Tide, Spreading The Colour Of Red

Musicians : Haino Keiji, Greg Cohen, Joey Baron

album cover

Hades Park, Dragon Blue, 1998, Avan 075

Tracks : Hades Park, In Convolution, Out Of Order, Hitqa Hita, Stagger, Tada Soko / Ni Ari, Metabolic Love Sphere, Stray Child, Boundary, Fragments Realm

Musicians : Tsuneo Imahori, Otomo Yoshihide, Tenko, Kato Hideki, Akira Sotoyama

album cover

Dying Ground, Dying Ground, 1998, Avan 076

Tracks : The Cruel One, Descension Of Vapors, Kripa, Ascension Into The Heavens, I Am Fire, One Eyed Wolf, The Chosen One

Musicians : Eyvind Kang, Kato Hideki, Mint, G. Calvin Weston, Ed Pias

album cover

Skirl, David Watson, 1999, Avan 077

Tracks : Skirl Power, Skirl Repeater, Sound Of Spleen, Phrase Repeater, Scarpa, Decension, Lip, Sleat, Strut, Somatic

Musicians : David Watson, Tony Buck, Christine Bard, Cyro Baptista, Jim Pugliese, Andy Haas, Marjorie Fitts, Michael Attias, Amir Ziv, Cabello Rolim, Herbin Van Cayseele, Kristina Kanders, Neil Ochoa, Tisza Coelho, Viva DeCocini, Ze Mauricio

album cover

Prototype, Harriet Tubman, 2000, Avan 078

Tracks : Of Passage, Slide Rule, My New Puppy, There Goes The Neighborhood, The Prototype, Adapted, Chief Of Police, Frozen Fire, Wild Seed, Where We Stand

Musicians : Brandon Ross, Melvin Gibbs, J.T. Lewis

album cover

Vivian Sisters, Vivian Sisters, 2001, Avan 079

Tracks : Ice Cream Man, Worry, Ether Bunny, Lipgloss Iguana, Guitar Department, Mourning And Joy, A Gift From France, Neat Packets, Ho-Down, Satansatan, The Arrogant Ascetic, You're No Good, Exile Festival, Night Gambling, Jennie

Musicians : Jamie Saft, Laura Cromwell, Zeena Parkins, Andrew D'Angelo, Adam Levy, Mr. Dorgon, Vanessa Hodge, Briggan Krauss

album cover

From a Window, Wayne Horvitz Four Plus One Ensemble, 2001, Avan 080

Tracks : Crispin And Lisa's Duet, Sweeter Than The Day, Julian's Ballad, People Just Float, Leave Here Now, From A Window, Willy's Music

Musicians : Wayne Horvitz, Tucker Martine, Reggie Watts, Julian Priester, Eyvind Kang, Skerik

album cover

Brutal Calling, Bill Laswell vs. Submerged, 2003, Avan 081

Tracks : Mass Graves, Tunnel 110, Doctored Intelligence, Not Tomorrow Or Never, Decapitation Strike, Whistleblower Body, Lockdown On Bridges And Tunnels, UXO

Musicians : Bill Laswell, Submerged

album cover

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