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Bead Records discography

This is a discography of albums released on Bead Records.

Bead Records was setup by Pete Cusack and Simon Mayo for the release of the Milk Teeth album in 1975. They were joined by Philipp Wachsmann, Tony Wren, Simon Mayo and Richard Beswick for the release of the Chamberpot album. Bead operated for a number of years as a collective with the musicians funding and retaining ownership of the music. Currently Bead is centered around Phillip Wachsmann.For more information and to purchase available albums see the Bead Records pages on Phillip Wachsmann's site.

The first section of this page lists LPs released on the label between 1975 and 1987. The second section lists CDs released on the label from 1988 onwards. The final section lists two cassettes released in 1978 and 1983.

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Bead Records LPs (1975 to 1987)

Milk Teeth, A Touch Of The Sun, 1975, Bead 1

Tracks : Hundreds And Thousands, Rosin And Squeak, Strings Of Beads, Geese, Lickspittle

Musicians : Peter Cusack, Simon Mayo

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Chamberpot, Richard Beswick/Simon Mayo/Phil Wachsmann/Tony Wren, 1976, Bead 2

Tracks : Sleek And Healthy, A Hippo Strolls Along The River Bank, Huge, New, Scare, Hits, City

Musicians : Richard Beswick, Simon Mayo, Phil Wachsmann, Tony Wren

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Marsh Gas, Ian Brighton, 1977, Bead 3

Tracks : Plikie's Dilemma, Bulrushing, Brotherhood Alone, The Wizard's Dream, Silver River Shuffle, The Chapel Of Splintered Glass (With Love Alf), Marsh Gas

Musicians : Ian Brighton, Radu Malfatti, Jim Livesey, Roger Smith, Philipp Wachsmann, Marcio Mattos, Sound In Brass

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Fire Without Bricks, Ashbury / Stabbins Duo, 1977, Bead 4

Tracks : Rough Cut, Fire Without Bricks, Wych Elm, Maldoror, Puff!, Formants Of The Deep

Musicians : Roy Ashbury, Larry Stabbins

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After Being In Holland For Two Years, Peter Cusack, 1977, Bead 5

Tracks : Some Guitar Playing Parts 1 And 2, Some More Guitar Playing, Maarsseveenseplassen, A Dutch Landscape, About Nice Dutch Improvisatory Music, Recorded Near Tienhoven

Musicians : Peter Cusack

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Cholagogues, Figueras / Toop / Burwell, 1978, Bead 6

Tracks : 1st Part, 2nd Part

Musicians : Nestor Figueras, David Toop, Paul Burwell

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Sparks Of The Desire Magneto, Philipp Wachsmann, Richard Beswick, Tony Wren, 1978, Bead 7

Tracks : The Sparks Of The Desire Magneto Are Being Inseminated Into Different Vessels, Corpuscular Progress, Bellevue, From The Container, Upwards

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Richard Beswick, Tony Wren

album cover

Downhill, Colin Wood/Bernard Watson/Clive Bell, 1978, Bead 8

Tracks : Undergrowth, Downhill

Musicians : Colin Wood, Bernard Watson, Clive Bell

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Alterations, Cusack / Beresford / Day / Toop, 1978, Bead 9

Tracks : Norwich 1, Norwich 2, Norwich 3, Norwich 4, London 1, London 2, London 3

Musicians : Peter Cusack, Steve Beresford, Terry Day, David Toop

album cover

Alone, Levers, 1979, Bead 10

Tracks : No. 6 (Part 1), Spannerisms, Circle, Making Friends, Miss Slap Botty Trio (For Bob), No. 6 (Part 2)

Musicians : Hugh Metcalfe, Parny Wallace, Chas Manning

album cover

April '79, Harry de Wit, 1979, Bead 11

Tracks : Fritus, Smoel, For Beppie, Butch, Hermke And Hans, Mina

Musicians : Harry De Wit, Joep Maessen, Wolter Wierbos, Jan Kamphuis

album cover

For Harm, Phil Wachsmann / Harry de Wit, 197?, Bead 12

Tracks : For Harm I, For Harm II, For Harm III, For Harm IV

Musicians : Phil Wachsmann, Harry de Wit, Jan Kamphuis (track 3), Kees van Zelst (tracks 3 & 4)

album cover

Opera, Evans/Beswick/Hutchinson, 1979, Bead 13

Tracks : Wic Wac, Bat An Eye, Madam, Rot In Silo Block II, Rose And Kate, Lawn Evils, April Hours, Final Whistle

Musicians : Will Evans, Richard Beswick, Matthew Hutchinson

album cover

Groups In Front Of People 1, Gunter Christmann/Maarten van Regteren Altena/Peter Cusack/Guus Janssen/Paul Lovens, 1979, Bead 14

Tracks : Alkmaar II, Bimhuis, Alkmaar III, Leuven I, Alkmaar I, Leuven III, Leuven II

Musicians : Gunter Christmann, Guus Janssen, Maarten van Regteren Altena, Peter Cusack, Paul Lovens

album cover

Groups In Front Of People 2, Evan Parker/Terry Day/Maarten van Regteren Altena/Peter Cusack/Guus Janssen/Paul Termos/Paul Lytton, 1979, Bead 15

Tracks : Utrecht, Delft I, De Kroeg, Rotterdam, Delft II

Musicians : Evan Parker, Terry Day, Maarten van Regteren Altena, Peter Cusack, Guus Janssen, Paul Termos, Paul Lytton

album cover

White String's Attached, Nigel Coombes/Steve Beresford, 1980, Bead 16

Tracks : White Strings Attached 1, White Strings Attached 2, White Strings Attached 3

Musicians : Steve Beresford, Nigel Coombes

Released on CD on Emanem in 2014.

album cover

Still Outside, Alan Tomlinson, 1981, Bead 17

Tracks : Outside, Still Outside, Syrup Of Figs, Music For The Art Emporium, The End, L.M.S. 44736, Bo-Bo 86213 The Lancashire Witch, No Name No Title No Tune, Boggart Hole Clough

Musicians : Alan Tomlinson

album cover

Hello Brenda!, Richard Beswick / Phil Wachsmann, 1981, Bead 18

Tracks : Trio, Ballad, Duet, Hello Brenda, In The Air

Musicians : Richard Beswick, Phil Wachsmann

album cover

The Bugger All Stars, The Bugger All Stars, 1980, Bead 19

Tracks : Live, Studio

Musicians : Mike Hames, Hugh Metcalfe, Phil Wachsmann, Jim Lebaigue

album cover

Mama Lapato, Mama Lapato, 1982, Bead 20

Tracks : LMC, ICA

Musicians : Marc Charig, Larry Stabbins, Martin Mayes, Tony Wren, P.D. Burwell

album cover

Bonzo Bites Back, Bugger All Stars, 1983, Bead 21

Tracks : Dog, Gasmask

Musicians : Mike Hames, Hugh Metcalfe, Phil Wachsmann, Jim Lebaigue

album cover

Bird Jumps Into Wood, Peter Cusack/Clive Bell, 1984, Bead 22

Tracks : Gust, Fishing For A Thousand Monsters, Spray Paint In The Wind, Red Ochre, Bird Jumps Into Wood, Paradise Style, Searching For The Blue Hare, Slate, One Tongue Speaks As Two, To Them The Cicadas Sing From The Ground, Dontology

Musicians : Peter Cusack, Clive Bell

album cover

Writing In Water, Phil Wachsmann, 1985, Bead 23

Tracks : Writing In Water, Water Writing: Prelude / Song / Violin Song / Monody Line With Squeaks And Foot Work In Two Parts / Blurred Edge / Melody

Musicians : Phil Wachsmann

album cover

Fonetiks, Chris Burn/John Butcher, 1985, Bead 24

Tracks : Subtitles, Punctuate, Cause And Effect (Two Parts), Phonophilia - Fast, Acute, Inside The Narrative

Musicians : Chris Burn, John Butcher

album cover

The Glider & The Grinder, Tony Oxley, Wolfgang Fuchs, Philipp Wachsmann, Hugh Metcalfe, 1987, Bead 25

Tracks : Cymbal Tickle, Baste, Glide, Pulley, Polish, Spit And Stub, Shuffle, Cam, Grind, Roller, Large Pulley

Musicians : Tony Oxley, Wolfgang Fuchs, Philipp Wachsmann, Hugh Metcalfe

album cover

Ikkunan Takana = Behind The Window, Quintet Moderne, 1987, Bead 26

Tracks : Itä-Virta, Länsi-Virta = West-Stream, Hilpalle = For Hilppa, Harlekiinit = Harlequins, Hemulit = Hemulit, Kolmas Tie = Third Road, Ikkunan Takana = Behind The Window, Sateenkaaritanssi = Rainbow Dance

Musicians : Jari Hongisto, Harri Sjöström, Phil Wachsmann, Teppo Hauta-Aho, Paul Lovens

album cover

Bead Records CDs (1988 to present)

Eleven Years From Yesterday, Philipp Wachsmann, Peter Jacobsen, Ian Brighton, Marcio Mattos, Trevor Taylor, 1988, Bead CD01

Tracks : Soul Becalmed, On Sombre Boat He Road, Down The Shimmering Torrents, Full Of Purple Stars, And Peacefully, The Leaf Branch Sank On To Him, Poppy From Silver Cloud

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Peter Jacobsen, Ian Brighton, Marcio Mattos, Trevor Taylor

album cover

Gush Wachs, Gush Wachs, 1996, Bead CD002

Tracks : Electric Match, Gushwachs, Photographic Tricycle For Tourists, The Electric Torchlight Procession, Unrushed Time, Hanging Garden, Pictographic Lines, Phono Proposition, Duoscope Part I, Part II, Part III, Field Of Heavy Wires

Musicians : Mats Gustafsson, Sten Sandell, Raymond Strid, Philipp Wachsmann

album cover

Chathuna, Philipp Wachsmann, 1998?, Bead CD03

Tracks : Point Of Departure, In Air, White, Inversion, Triangle, Line, Informel, Artist's Imprint, Mass

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann

album cover

August Steps, Philipp Wachsmann / Teppo Hauta-Aho, 2000, Bead CD104

Tracks : Step One, Step Two, Step Three, Step Four, Step Five, Step Six, Step Seven, Step Eight, Step Nine, Step Ten

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Teppo Hauta-Aho

album cover

Startle The Echoes, Philipp Wachsmann / Matthew Hutchinson, 2004, Bead CD05SP

Tracks : Spike(d) Dance, Dream Spaces, Sight Line, Recourse, Discourse, Interiors

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Matthew Hutchinson

album cover

Refractions In Air, Philipp Wachsmann / Michael Bunce, 2004, Bead CD06SP

Tracks : Cascade, Net(s), Trawler, Seen From The Side, Language Exchange, Prehistory, Warning(s), Covergence, Contact In Circles, Refractions In Air

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Michael Bunce

album cover

Pacific 2003, Philipp Wachsmann / Martin Blume, 2005, Bead CD07SP

Tracks : Coyote 1, Coyote 2, Coyote 3, Coyote 4, Coyote 5, Coyote 6, Coyote 7, Coyote 8

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Martin Blume

album cover

Imaginary String Trio, Imaginary String Trio, 2007, Bead CD08SP

Tracks : Appearance, Vision, Revelation, Spectre, Presence, Phantasm

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Bruno Guastalla, Dominic Lash

album cover

Untuning The Sky, Chris Burn / Matt Hutchinson, 2012, Bead CD09SP

Tracks : Lipizzaner, Cordax, Salvation Echoes, Twilight Enclosed, Birdwing Shadow, Salvation's Echo, Paderewski's Spider, Colour The Moment, Dusk Disturbance, Harmony Of The Angles

Musicians : Chris Burn, Matt Hutchinson

album cover

Alizarin, Philipp Wachsmann, Roger Turner, 2015, Bead CD10SP

Tracks : Red Introduction, Bitter Black, Salt Green, Viridian Black, On The Edge Of White, Viridian, Floated Green Sea, Salted, On The Edge Of Green, Test Objects (In Space)

Musicians : Philipp Wachsmann, Roger Turner

album cover

Bead Records cassettes

Live, London Bass Trio, 1978, Bead cassette 001

Tracks : Soho Poly 6/8/77 Part 1, Cockpit 6/11/76 Part 1b, Soho Poly 6/8/77 Part 3, Cockpit 6/11/76 Part 2a

Musicians : Marc Meggido, Marcio Mattos, Tony Wren

album cover

Live, Electric String Trio, 1983, Bead cassette 002

Tracks : Apocheir, Fitch

Musicians : John Russell, Phil Wachsmann, Marcio Mattos

album cover

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