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Brö Records discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Brö label.

Brö Records was setup by Peter Brötzmann in the late 1960's in Germany as an outlet for his own music. Two albums were released on the label. In 2002 Brötzmann, together with Eremite Records, restarted the Brö label as an outlet for limited edition releases of his music.

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Brö Records releases: 1960's

For Adolphe Sax, The Peter Brötzmann Trio, 1967, BRÖ 1

Tracks : For Adolphe Sax, Sanity, Morning Glory

Musicians : Peter Brötzmann, Peter Kowald, Sven-Ĺke Johansson

Subsequently reissued on FMP (1972) and Atavistic (2002).

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Machine Gun, Peter Brötzmann Octet, 1968, BRÖ 2

Tracks : Machine Gun, Responsible, Music For Han Bennink

Musicians : Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Willem Breuker, Fred Van Hove, Buschi Niebergall, Peter Kowald, Han Bennink, Sven-Ĺke Johansson

Recorded in May 1968. Subsequently released in expanded configuration by FMP and Atavistic.

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Brö Records releases: 2003 onwards

The Ink Is Gone, Peter Brötzmann & Walter Perkins, 2003, BRÖ 3

Tracks : Boot The Bastard Out, The Ink Is Gone, The Beastfilled Dark And A Beautiful Forest, Permanent Migration, Grass Flowers The Wind

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Walter Perkins

A limited edition of 999 LPs. Recorded at the Oni Gallery in Boston on March 31, 2002 and at Tritona in Philadelphia on April 1, 2002.

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Still Quite Popular After All Those Years, Brötzmann / Bennink, 2004, BRÖ 4

Tracks : No 1 Clarinet/Drums, No 2 Tarogato/Drums, No 3 Clarinet/Drums, No 4 Clarinet/Drums, No 5 Alto/Drums, No 6 Tenor/Drums

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink

A limited edition of 999 LPs. Recorded at the Loft in Cologne on February 4 & 5, 2004.

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Live At The 'Bottle' Fest 2005, Brötzmann / Waits, 2005, BRÖ-A

Tracks : Alto/Drums, Cl-Tenor/Drums, Tarogato/Drums, Alto/Drums

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Nasheet Waits

Recorded at the Empty Bottle in Chicago on June 16, 2005.

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Total Music Meeting 1977 Berlin, Brřtzmann / Bennink, 2006, BRÖ-B

Tracks : Nr. 01, Nr. 02, Nr. 03, Nr. 04, Nr. 05, Nr. 06, Nr. 07, Nr. 08, Nr. 09, Nr. 10, Nr. 11

Musicians: Peter Brřtzmann, Han Bennink

Recorded in November 1977 at the Quartier Latin in Berlin.

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In Amherst 2006, Brötzmann / Bennink, 2008, BRO-C

Tracks : Every Man Is Me, I Am His Brother, No Man Is My Enemy, I Am Everyman, And He Is In And Of Me, This Is My Faith, My Strength, My Deepest Hope And My Only Belief

Musicians: Peter Brřtzmann, Han Bennink

Recorded on October 9, 2006 at Amherst Unitarian Meetinghouse.

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Brřtzmann / Drake, Brřtzmann / Drake, 2010, BRÖ-D

Tracks : Nr. 1, Nr. 2, Nr. 3, Nr. 4

Musicians: Peter Brřtzmann, Hamid Drake

Limited edition of 525 copies. Recorded on March 9, 2004 at in Cleveland, OH.

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Going All Fancy, Brötzmann / Adasiewicz, 2012, BRÖ-E

Tracks : Going All Fancy, Left Luggage, Singing To The Leaf

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Jason Adasiewicz

Recorded on June 8, 2011 at Abrons Art Center, NYC. Limited edition of 550.

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A Fish Stinks From The Head, Paal N-L / Brö, 2013, BRÖ-F

Tracks : A Fish Stinks From The Head, Range Of Night

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen-Love

Recorded on April 9, 2013 at Cafe Oto in London. Limited edition of 400 copies.

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Mollie's In The Mood, Brötzmann, Adasiewicz, 2014, BRÖ-5

Tracks : Seasons May Vary, 'Round The Sun, Mollie's In The Mood

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Jason Adasiewicz

Recorded at the Hideout in Chicago on September 12, 2012. Limited edition of 600.

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