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Calig Records 30 600 series discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Calig Records 30 600 series. This was the main series of jazz albums released by the label. The majority of other releases were classical albums.

Calig was a German company that existed between the mid 1960s and the end of the 1990s.

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Calig 30 600 series albums

Gesprächsfetzen, Marion Brown / Gunter Hampel, 1968, Calig CAL 30 601

Tracks : Gesprächsfetzen, Exhibit A, Babudah, Tomorrow Is The Beginning Of The End Of Yesterday, Aba

Musicians : Marion Brown, Gunter Hampel, Ambrose Jackson, Buschi Niebergall, Steve McCall

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Celebrations, Bob Degen Trio, 1968, Calig CAL 30 602

Tracks : For A Better Tomorrow, Little Garden, Celebrations, Petal, Gem

Musicians : Bob Degen, Manfred Eicher, Fred Braceful

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Wolfgang Dauner / Eberhard Weber / Jürgen Karg / Fred Braceful, 1969, Calig CAL 30 603

Tracks : Über Musik, Voices, Arco, Blues, Karg, Pamukkale, 4'38", Beat, Op. 5, Bemerkung, Gespräch, Dauner, Tape Two, Ab—C, Braceful

Musicians : Wolfgang Dauner, Eberhard Weber, Jürgen Karg, Fred Braceful

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Nipples, Peter Brötzmann Sextet / Quartet, 1969, Calig CAL 30 604

Tracks : Nipples, Tell A Green Man

Musicians : Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker (track 1), Fred Van Hove, Derek Bailey (track 1), Buschi Niebergall, Han Bennink

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Marion Brown In Sommerhausen, Marion Brown, 1969, Calig CAL 30 605

Tracks : Dance No. 1, Exhibit B, The Sound Of A Song, Malipieros Midnight Theatre, Il Ne Chant Pas, Dance No.2

Musicians : Marion Brown, Ambrose Jackson, Gunter Hampel, Daniel Laloux, Steve McCall, Jeanne Lee

Recorded live in Würzburg, Germany on May 17, 1969.

album cover

Drum Conversation, Pierre Favre, 1970, Calig CAL 30 606

Tracks : Dance Number One, Drum Conversation, Still Waiting, Swiss Sunday, Nameless, Patience, Rainbow, Where Is It?, Madame Boss, Dear Anne, Petite Fille, Obstructing Doors Causes Delay And Could Be Dangerous, The Blue Picture, What...No Smile Today?

Musicians : Pierre Favre

album cover

We Are You, Karl Berger, 1971, Calig CAL 30 607

Tracks : Vibes First, We Are You (I), Marimba Dance, The Positive, Easy Suite, When I Sing, Easy, We Are You (II)

Musicians : Karl Berger, Ingrid Berger, Peter Kowald, Allen Blairman

album cover

Flair, Frederic Rabold, 1972, Calig CAL 30 608

Tracks : Lapsus Penetrans, Emotion / I Remember Renée, Ansia, Flair, Januschka

Musicians : Frédéric Rabold, Wolfgang Czelusta, Helmut Wilberg, Walter Hüber, Eberhard Stockmann, Paul "Laps" Schwarz, Gerhard Bader, Jan Jankeje, Billy Buchwald, Martin Bues, Frank Köllges

album cover

Candles Of Vision, Eje Thelin / Jouck Minor / Pierre Favre, 1972, Calig CAL 30 609

Tracks : Trio 1, Trio 2, Trio 4, Duett 1, Trio 5, Duett 2, Trio 6

Musicians : Eje Thelin, Jouck Minor, Pierre Favre

album cover

Purple Sun, Tomasz Stanko, 1973, Calig CAL 30 610

Tracks : Boratka - Flute's Ballad, My Night, My Day, Flair, Purple Sun

Musicians : Tomasz Stanko, Janusz Muniak, Zbigniew Seifert, Hans Hartmann, Janusz Stefanski

Recorded on March 9, 1973 in Munich.

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No album identified, Calig CAL 30 611

album cover

Open House, Frederic Rabold Crew with Martin Ederer, 1974, Calig CAL 30 612

Tracks : Explosion, Time Machine I, Beatschön, Indian Impression, Open House, Fenja's Dream, Ride On, Yahtzee

Musicians : Frédéric Rabold, Martin Ederer, Erich Stangl, Walter Hüber, Wolfgang Löhnert, Uli Bühl, Fritz Heieck, Manfred Kniel

album cover

Catch Up Vol. 1, Max Greger Jr. / Milan Pilar / Charly Antolini, 1975, Calig CAL 30 613

Tracks : Catch Up, Bordun, Onkel Joe, Moonlight On A Baldhead, Lydia, Blues For The Kaiser, A Night Without Dreams / The Little Things That Make Us Happy, Spinning Wheel

Musicians : Max Greger Jr., Milan Pilar, Charly Antolini, Hans Herbst

album cover

Double Face, Contact Trio, 1975, Calig CAL 30 614

Tracks : Rumpelstielzchen, Double Face, Engelstanz, Sonate

Musicians : Evert Brettschneide, Alois Kott, Michael Jüllich

album cover

Catch Up II: Birth Of The Second Life, Milan Pilar, 1977, Calig CAL 30 615

Tracks : End Of The Beginnig Of The End, To Ali Cante, Just Plain Folksy, Clown, Birth Of The Second Life Part 1, Birth Of The Second Life Part 2, Sister Jane, Uru, Bigosh, Introitus

Musicians : Milan Pilar, Ack Van Rooyen, Herb Geller, Rudi Wilfer, Max Greger Jr., Branislav "Lala" Kovacec, Hans Herbst, Berni Prock, Dana Kovacev, Doris Hagen, Evelyn Schwarzmeier

album cover

Balance, Frederic Rabold Crew, 1977, Calig CAL 30 616

Tracks : Emotion, Flying Bird, Bouillabass, Achiltibuie, Balance, Feeling, Sound In Charge

Musicians : Frédéric Rabold, Eric Stangl, Wilfried "Rimsky" Eichhorn, Walter Hüber, Uli Bühl, Thomas Horstmann, Fritz Heieck, Manfred Kniel, Lauren Newton

album cover

Key, Key, 1977, Calig CAL 30 617

Tracks : Please Be Good To Me, Wolkenhaus, In Jubilo, Birds Flying, Song For Renate, Rheda

Musicians : Markus Stockhausen, Hugo Read, Reinhard Schmitz, Rainer Linke, Kurt Billker

album cover

Joe Haider And His Friends, Joe Haider And His Friends, 1970,72, Calig CAL 30 618

Tracks : Tante Nelly (Joe Haider Trio), What Is Happening (Four For Jazz), Muchacha (Joe Haider Trio), A Land Of Dolls (Four For Jazz), My Daddy (Joe Haider Trio), Café Des Pyrénées (Joe Haider Trio)

Musicians : Joe Haider, Benny Bailey, Heinz Bigler, Isla Eckinger, Allen Blairman, H.-P. Giger

album cover

Kontraste: Live, Joe Viera Sextett, 1978, Calig CAL 30 619

Tracks : Boogie Stop Shuffle, Blues For Africa, Ballad Medley, Song For My Father, Monk's Mood, Stompy Jones

Musicians : Joe Viera, Jochen Rose, Axel Prasuhn, Martin Schrack, Detlev Beier, Hans Clauss, Gerhard Laber

album cover

Bavarian Jazz Live, Various Artists, 1978, Calig CAL 30 620/30 621

Tracks : My Alice (Tarogato Hot Seven), Please (Tarogato Hot Seven), Four Leaf (Tarogato Hot Seven), Memories (Tarogato Hot Seven), Tell Me Your Dreams (Tarogato Hot Seven), Old Man Mose (Tarogato Hot Seven), Sorry (Jazzkränzchen Immergrün), Creole Love Call (Jazzkränzchen Immergrün), Once In A While (Jazzkränzchen Immergrün), Bye Bye Blues (Jazzkränzchen Immergrün), Tuxedo Junction (Big Old Swing Feet), Caravan (Big Old Swing Feet), I'm Coming Virginia (Big Old Swing Feet), Roll On (Big Old Swing Feet), Apple Honey (Big Old Swing Feet), Jumping At The Woodside (H.K.'s Mixie Men), All The Things You Are (H.K.'s Mixie Men), Sweet Georgia Brown (H.K.'s Mixie Men), Sunny Side Of The Street (H.K.'s Mixie Men), Undecided (H.K.'s Mixie Men)

album cover

Paris Live, The Anachronic Jazz Band & Beryl Bryden, 1978,79, Calig CAL 30 622

Tracks : My Pet, Joy Spring, Ask Me Now, Tin Tin Deo, I'm Tired Of Fattening Frogs For Snakes, Running Wild, Anachronic Blues, Bonnies Time, One Million Dollar Secret, I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music

Musicians includde: Patrick Artero, Beryl Bryden, Daniel Barda, Marc Richard, André Villéger, Philippe Baudoin, Patrick Diaz, Pascal Chebel

album cover

On Tour, Klaus Weiss Quintet, 1979, Calig CAL 30 623

Tracks : Shades Of Coltrane, Back to Bach, Klever Klaus, Mingus Lives, Golden Golson

Musicians : Klaus Weiss, Mal Waldron, Günter Möll, Roman Schwaller, Rocky Knauer

album cover

Some Kind Of Changes, Charlie Mariano, c. 1982, Calig CAL 30 624

Tracks : Latin Someyiri, Auf Wiedersehn im November, Captain Bobby, April Time, Aiysha, Blues, Once Again, Brela, Minor Seven And Four, Cloudy Days And Fridays, Fabienne, Some Kind Of Changes, Adriatic Girl

Musicians : Charlie Mariano, Ack Van Rooyen, Siegfried Schwab, Eberhard Weber, Branislav Kovacev

album cover

Boogie Train, Lennie Felix, 1980, Calig CAL 30 625

Tracks : Rosetta, Boogie-Train, Sunny Side Of The Street, Morning Stroll, M.F. Blues, Sweet Loraine, Indiana, Fats-Waller-Medley: Ain't Misbehavin' / Squeeze Me / Keeping Out Of Mischief Now / I'm Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter / Honeysuckle Rose

Musicians : Lennie Felix

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