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IPS discography

This is a discography of LPs released on the IPS label in the mid-1970s.

IPS (Institute Of Percussive Studies) was founded by Milford Graves and Andrew Cyrille.

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Dialogue Of The Drums, Andrew Cyrille, Milford Graves, 1974, IPS ST001

Tracks : Message To The Ancestors, Blessing From The Rain Forest, Nagarah, Rejuvenation, The Soul Is The Music, The Substance Of The Vision, Call And Response

Musicians : Andrew Cyrille, Milford Graves

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Celebration, Andrew Cyrille & Maono, 1975, IPS ST002

Tracks : Haitian Heritage (Pt. 1), Voices Of The Lineage, Agowé, Hunto (Spirit In The Drum), Haitian Heritage (Pt. 2), Levitation, Fate, Gossip, Non-Expectation Celebration

Musicians : Andrew Cyrille, Ted Daniel, David S. Ware, Donald Smith, Romulus Franceschini, Stafford James, Alphonse Cimber, Jeanne Lee, Elouise Loftin

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Junction, Andrew Cyrille & Maono, 1976, IPS ST003

Tracks : Junction: Do You Know Where "1" Is?/Do You Know Where "2" Is?/Connaturally, Sidi Ahmed-Sidi, Ginakus "M", Okurimono (Gift From Japan)

Musicians : Andrew Cyrille, Ted Daniel, David S. Ware, Lisle Atkinson

Also released on Trio/Whynot in Japan in 1977.

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Bäbi, Milford Graves, 1977, IPS ST004

Tracks : Bä, Bi, Bäbi

Musicians : Milford Graves, Arthur Doyle, Hugh Glover

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Nommo, Milford Graves, 1977, IPS ST290

Tracks : P.G. III, P.G. IV, P.G. V

Musicians : Milford Graves, Don Pullen

Probably originally released on SRP in 1967

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