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Ictus discography

This is a discography of albums released on the US label Ictus. The label, which was probably run by musician Ed Summerlin, was used to release at least one LP in 1967 and at least 3 CDs in the late 1990's. The list of albums may well be incomplete.

(Not to be confused with the Italian label Ictus which operated between 1977 to 1984 and was revived in the 2000's).

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Ictus LPs

Don Heckman–Ed Summerlin Improvisational Jazz Workshop, 1967, Ictus 101

Tracks : Jax or Bettor, Leisure No. 5, Dialogue, Five Haikus

Musicians : Don Heckman, Ed Summerlin, Lew Gluckin, Bob Norden, Steve Kuhn, Ron Carter, Steve Swallow, Joe Hunt, Joe Cocuzzo, Lisa Zanda

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Sum Of The Parts, Ed Summerlin, 1998, Ictus 102

Tracks : Broadway Blues, Where'd You Find This, Hop Skip And Jump, Dialog, Sonic Dudes, Waltz For Toshi And Ryoko, Chords And Lines, Sound-Lee

Musicians : Ed Summerlin, Bruce Ahrens, Ron Finck, Tony Marino, Joe Chambers

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Eye On The Future, Ed Summerlin, 1999, Ictus 103

Tracks : Golden Oldie, Tricky, Another Waltz, Backwards We Glance, Relentless, Song, Third Man, Episodes, Tricky, Improvisation

Musicians : Ed Summerlin, Bruce Ahrens, Bob Norden, Ron Finck, Tony Marino, Adam Nussbaum

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Sum Of The Parts, Ed Summerlin / Bob Norden Quartet, 199?, Ictus 104

Tracks : Y.A.Title, Déjà Vu, Roadrunner, Second Hand, Sonic Dudes, Cire, Osky, Scoop It Up, Old Flowers

Musicians : Ed Summerlin, Bob Norden, Charlie Kniceley, Chris Starpoli

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