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Incus LP discography

This is a discography of LPs released on the Incus label between 1970 and 1987.

Incus was founded by Michael Walters, Tony Oxley, Derek Bailey and Evan Parker in 1970.

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Incus LPs

Topography Of The Lungs, Derek Bailey/Han Bennink/Evan Parker, 1970, Incus 1

Tracks : Titan Moon, For Peter B & Peter K, Fixed Elsewhere, Dogmeat

Musicians : Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink

Subsequently released with two bonus tracks on CD on the Psi label credited to Evan Parker.

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Solo Guitar, Derek Bailey, 1971, Incus 2

Tracks : Improvisation 4, Improvisation 5, Improvisation 6, Improvisation 7, Where Is The Police?, Christiani Eddy, The Squirrel And The Ricketty-Racketty Bridge

Musicians : Derek Bailey

A revised version of this album, with alternative improvisations, was released as Solo (Incus 2R) in 1978. A CD version, incorporating improvisations from the original and revised LPs was released in 1993 (Incus CD10)

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Iskra 1903, Derek Bailey/Barry Guy/Paul Rutherford, 1972, Incus 3/4

Tracks : Improvisation 1, Improvisation 2, Improvisation 3, Improvisation 4, Improvisation 5, Improvisation 6, Improvisation 7, Improvisation 8, Improvisation 9, Improvisation 10, Improvisation 11

Musicians : Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy

Recorded in August 1970 and May 1972. An expanded 3 CD set comprising the music on this double LP plus 10 bonus tracks was released on Emanem as Iskra 1903 : Chapter One 1970-2 in 2000.

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Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones), Evan Parker/Paul Lytton, 1972, Incus 5

Tracks : Peradam, Cat's Flux 2, Shaker, Left Of The Neo-Left, Lytton Perdu, Voice Fragment, Some Mother Blues, What's Left Of The Neo-Left

Musicians : Evan Parker Paul Lytton

Released on CD in 2002 on the Psi label.

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Ode, London Jazz Composer's Orchestra, 1972, Incus 6/7

Tracks : The End (Ode Part I), Memory Of The Future (Ode Part II), Exact Sensibility (Ode Part III), According To The Laws (Ode Part V), Presence Of Mind (Ode Part VI), Indefinite Divisibility (Ode Part IV)

Musicians : Barry Guy, Harry Beckett, Dave Holdsworth, Marc Charig, Mike Gibbs, Paul Nieman, Paul Rutherford, Bob Downes, Alan Wakeman, Evan Parker, Bernhard Living, Mike Osborne, Trevor Watts, Karl Jenkins, Dick Hart, Howard Riley, Derek Bailey, Chris Laurence, Jeff Clyne, Paul Lytton, Tony Oxley

Released on CD in 1996 on Intakt Records.

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Tony Oxley, Tony Oxley, 1975, Incus 8

Tracks : Never Before Or Again, M-W-M, EIROC II, East Of Sheffield, South East Of Sheffield, P.P.1

Musicians : Tony Oxley, Dave Holdsworth, Paul Rutherford, Evan Parker, Howard Riley, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy

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Derek Bailey/Han Bennink, Derek Bailey/Han Bennink, 1975?, Incus 9

Tracks : Call That A Balance?, Misty, The Title, Who Is That?, The Girl With The Concrete Tongue, Din Din Teo, On A Clear Day, Barb, Shake Your Arse, White Man, Whiling, When Day Is Done And Shadows Fall I Think Of You

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Han Bennink

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Song For Someone, Kenny Wheeler, 1974?, Incus 10

Tracks : Hide Credits, Toot-Toot, Ballad Two, Song For Someone, Causes Are Events, The Good Doctor, Nothing Changes

Musicians : Kenny Wheeler, Dave Hancock, Greg Bowen, Ian Hammer, Bobby Lamb, Chris Pyne, David Horler, Keith Christie, Jim Wilson, Malcolm Griffiths, Duncan Lamont, Evan Parker, Mike Osborne, Alfie Reece, John Taylor, Alan Branscombe, Derek Bailey, Ron Mathewson, Tony Oxley, Norma Winstone

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Balance, Balance, 1974?, Incus 11

Tracks : Constellations Of Force, Remember The Smell Of Earth When You Were Young, Cogito Ergo Slum, Almostmaybesometimesnever, Worsel Centrum, Outer Equilibrium Together With Inner Section

Musicians : Radu Malfatti, Ian Brighton, Phil Wachsmann, Colin Wood, Frank Perry

album cover

Lot 74: Solo Improvisations, Derek Bailey, 197?, Incus 12

Tracks : Lot 74, Together, Pain In The Chest?, Planks, In Joke (Take 2), Improvisation 104(b)

Musicians : Derek Bailey

Released on CD by Incus in 2009.

album cover

Synopsis, Howard Riley, 1975?, Incus 13

Tracks : Mandrel, Sirens, Quantum, Ingot

Musicians : Howard Riley, Barry Guy, Tony Oxley

Released on CD by Emanem in 2000 with one bonus track.

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At The Unity Theatre, Evan Parker/Paul Lytton, 1975, Incus 14

Tracks : In The Midst Of Laughter And Glee, On Reflection, Mild Steel Rivets For P.H., The Dirlston Dirler

Musicians : Evan Parker, Paul Lytton

Released on CD with bonus tracks on Psi in 2003.

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Teatime, Steve Beresford, 197?, Incus 15

Tracks : Irritating Tapping, European Improvised Music Sho' 'nuff Turns Me On: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4, Deadbeat, I Didn't Get Up This Morning: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4, Graham Shows His Teeth

Musicians : Steve Beresford, Garry Todd, Nigel Coombes, John Russell, Dave Solomon

Released on CD on the Emanem label in 2009.

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The London Concert, Derek Bailey/Evan Parker, 1975, Incus 16

Tracks : The London Concert: Part 1, The London Concert: Part 2, The London Concert: Part 3, The London Concert: Part 4

Musicians : Evan Parker, Derek Bailey

Recorded live at Wigmore Hall, London. Released on CD, with bonus tracks, on Psi in 2005.

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1968-1971, Music Improvisation Co., 1976, Incus 17

Tracks : Pointing, Untitled 3, Untitled 4, Bedrest, Its Tongue Trapped To The Rock By A Limpet, The Water Rat Succumbed To The Incoming Tide, In The Victim's Absence

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Hugh Davies, Jamie Muir

Released by Incus on CD in 1992.

album cover

February Papers, Tony Oxley, 1977, Incus 18

Tracks : Quartet 1, Sounds Of The Soil 2, Brushes, Chant-Quartet 2, Trio 2, Combination, On The Edge (To E.P.)

Musicians : Tony Oxley, Ian Brighton, David Bourne, Philipp Wachsmann, Barry Guy

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Saxophone Solos, Evan Parker, 1976, Incus 19

Tracks : Aerobatics 1, Aerobatics 4, Aerobatics 2, Aerobatics 3

Musicians : Evan Parker

Released by Psi on CD in 2009.

album cover

Duo, Derek Bailey/Tristan Honsinger, 197?, Incus 20

Tracks : The Visit, DUO (Part 1), DUO (Part 2), Performance, Preparation, The Shadow, Exits

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger

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Company 1, Altena/Bailey/Honsinger/Parker, 1976, Incus 21

Tracks : No South, No North, No East, No West

Musicians : Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten van Altena

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Statements V-XI: For Double Bass And Violone, Barry Guy, 1977, Incus 22

Tracks : Statement V, Statement VI, Statement VII, Statement VIII, Statement IX, Statement X, Statement XI

Musicians : Barry Guy

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Company 2, Derek Bailey/Anthony Braxton/Evan Parker, 1977, Incus 23

Tracks : Za'id, Akhrajat, Al, Mutala, Hiq

Musicians : Derek Bailey/Anthony Braxton/Evan Parker

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Byosystem, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, 1977, Incus 24

Tracks : Biosystem, Mystery, Saved By The Bell, Replanted, Back To The Beginning For The First Time

Musicians : Roger Smith, Nigel Coombes, Colin Wood, John Stevens

album cover

Company 3, Han Bennink/Derek Bailey, 197?, Incus 25

Tracks : In The Dead Of Night I Gotta Go Where You Are, The Song Is Ended (Medley), Umberto Who?, Tether End 1, A Fine Mesh, Stanley, Tether End 2

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Han Bennink

album cover

Company 4, Steve Lacy/Derek Bailey, 1977, Incus 26

Tracks : Once Upon A Time, Abandoned 1, Abandoned 2, Step 1, Step 2, Happily Ever After

Musicians : Steve Lacy, Derek Bailey

album cover

Monoceros, Evan Parker, 1978, Incus 27

Tracks : Monoceros 1, Monoceros 2, Monoceros 3, Monoceros 4

Musicians : Evan Parker

Released on CD in 1999 on Chronoscope.

album cover

Company 5, Company, 1978, Incus 28

Tracks : LS/MR/DB/TH/AB/SL/EP, SL/AB-1, SL/AB-2, EP/TH/AB-1, EP/TH/AB-2

Musicians : Leo Smith, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Derek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena

album cover

Company 6, 1978, Incus 29

Tracks : LS/TH/AB/SL/MR (Part Of A Longer Piece), EP/HB/DB (Part Of A Longer Piece), SB/MR/HB/LC (Part Of One Of A Number Of Pieces By This Grouping), MR/SL (The Second Of Two Pieces), HB/AB/DB (Part Of A Longer Piece), LC/TH/LS (Part Of A Longer Piece)

Musicians : Leo Smith, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Lol Coxhill, Steve Lacy, Steve Beresford, Derek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena, Han Bennink

album cover

Company 7, 1978, Incus 30

Tracks : AB/EP The Second Of Two Pieces, TH/MR/SB/HB/DB Part Of A Longer Piece, SL/EP/AB/LC Part Of A Longer Piece, TH/LS The Second Of Two Pieces, LC/AB/MR First Of Three Pieces, HB/LC/MR/TH Part Of Second Of Two Pieces, EP/LS/DB Second Of Four Pieces

Musicians : Leo Smith, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Lol Coxhill, Steve Lacy, Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Tristan Honsinger, Maarten Altena, Han Bennink

album cover

Home Cooking: Guitar Solos, John Russell/Richard Coldman, 1978, Incus 31

Tracks : JR1 Bedroom Music 1, JR2 Bedroom Music 2 - A, B, RC1 Fret Buzz, RC2 Breaking Through, RC3 Nose Trouble, RC4 High Notes, RC5 One-Man-Band

Musicians : John Russell, Richard Coldman

album cover

Solo Guitar, Derek Bailey, 1978, Incus 2R

Tracks : Improvisation 3, Improvisation 8, Improvisation 9, Improvisation 10, Improvisation 11, Improvisation 12, Where Is The Police?, Christiani Eddy, The Squirrel And The Ricketty-Racketty Bridge

Musicians : Derek Bailey

This is a revised version of Solo Guitar (Incus 2) with alternative improvisations. A CD version, incorporating improvisations from the original and revised LPs was released in 1993 (Incus CD10) .

album cover

Sunday Best, Gary Todd/Roger Turner, 1979, Incus 32

Tracks : Highly Adjacent, Nautch, Thinning On Top, Waxing, Wish You Were Here Avec Moi, Dread Rubato, Brass Sandwich

Musicians : Gary Todd, Roger Turner

album cover

Circadian Rhythm, Paul Burwell/Hugh Davies/Max Eastley/Paul Lovens/Paul Lytton/Annabel Nicolson/Evan Parker/David Toop, 1979, Incus 33

Tracks : Circadian Rhythm Excerpt 2, Circadian Rhythm Excerpt 3, Circadian Rhythm Excerpt 1

Musicians : Paul Burwell, Hugh Davies, Max Eastley, Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton, Annabel Nicolson, Evan Parker, David Toop

album cover

Time, Derek Bailey/Tony Coe, 1979, Incus 34

Tracks : Kuru, Sugu, Itsu, Koko, Ima, Sarinu, Omoidasu, Chiku, Taku, Toki

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Tony Coe

album cover

From Saxophone And Trombone, Evan Parker/George Lewis, 1979, Incus 35

Tracks : From Saxophone & Trombone 1, From Saxophone & Trombone 2, From Saxophone & Trombone 3, From Saxophone & Trombone 4, From Saxophone & Trombone 5

Musicians : George Lewis, Evan Parker

album cover

Fables, Company, 1980, Incus 36

Tracks : ATG 4, ATG 6, ATG 3, ATG 13, ATG 2, ATG 9

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Dave Holland, George Lewis, Evan Parker

album cover

Pisa 1980 Improvisors' Symposium, 1980, Incus 37

Tracks : Pisa Wind Duet 1, Pisa Wind Duet 2, Pisa String Duet, San Zeno Quintet, Pisa Quintet

Musicians : Maarten Altena/Derek Bailey/Barry Guy/George Lewis/Paul Lovens/Paul Lytton/Evan Parker/Paul Rutherford/Giancarlo Schiaffini/Phil Wachsmann

album cover

Fictions, Company, 1981, Incus 38

Tracks : The 1st Hackney Scroll: Theology/Otology/Speak Up Lad, The 2nd Hackney Scroll: So Few/So Many/So So/So What/So Long

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Lol Coxhill, Ian Croall, Misha Mengelberg

album cover

Six Of One, Evan Parker, 1982, Incus 39

Tracks : One Of Six, Two Of Six, Three Of Six, Four Of Six, Five Of Six, Six Of One

Musicians : Evan Parker

album cover

Aida, Derek Bailey, 1982, Incus 40

Tracks : Paris, Niigata Snow, An Echo In Another's Mind

Musicians : Derek Bailey

album cover

Dart Drug, Derek Bailey/Jamie Muir, 1982, Incus 41

Tracks : Carminative, I Soon Learned To Know This Flower Better, Jaja, Dark Drug

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Jamie Muir

album cover

Tracks, Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton, 1983, Incus 42

Tracks : Fire, Heat, Light, Sidetrack

Musicians : Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton

album cover

Royal Vol. 1, Derek Bailey/Anthony Braxton, 1984, Incus 43

Tracks : Opening (Opening), Opening (Closing)

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Anthony Braxton

album cover

No released album identified, Incus 44

album cover

Hook, Drift And Shuffle, Evan Parker, 1985, Incus 45

Tracks : Drift, Shuffle, Hook

Musicians : Evan Parker, George Lewis, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton

album cover

Epiphany, Company, 1984, Incus 46/47

Tracks : Epiphany: Epiphany Part 1, Epiphany Part 2 / Epiphanies: First (Duo), Second (Trio), Third (Quintet), Fourth (Sextet), Fifth (Septet), Sixth (Trio)

Musicians : George Lewis, Akio Suzuki, Phil Wachsmann, Ursula Oppens, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Julie Tippetts, Anne LeBaron, Moto Yoshizawa

album cover

Notes, Derek Bailey, 1985, Incus 48

Tracks : K, Scaling, At Fives & Sixes, Notable, Noting, Speculations, Old Style, 83, An Update On 38, Titual Exhaustion

Musicians : Derek Bailey

album cover

The Snake Decides, Evan Parker, 1985, Incus 49

Tracks : The Snake Decides, Leipzig Folly, Buriden's Ass, Haine's Last Tape

Musicians : Evan Parker

Released on CD on Psi in 2003.

album cover

Compatibles, Derek Bailey/Evan Parker, 1986, Incus 50

Tracks : Incus: The Bones Of Contention, Vein Forms: Peter Riley, In Memoriam: Laurent Goddet, NYC: E & K

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Evan Parker

album cover

Trios, Company, 1986, Incus 51

Tracks : Trio: One, Trio: Two, Trio: Three, Trio: Four, Trio: Five, Trio: Minus One, Trio: Trio

Musicians : John Corbett, Vinko Globokar, Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann, J.D.Parran, Derek Bailey, Ernst Reyseger, Joelle Leandre, Jamie Muir, Hugh Davies

album cover

Live at Oscars, Steve Noble/Alex Maguire, 1987, Incus 52

Tracks : Shake Raffle & Stroll, Gumbo-Gamble Partizans Washingtons, Rope Show Ladder, The Odds, Ports Of Paul Smell The Smoke Monastic Trail Ironing Song, Ping Pong Song

Musicians : Steve Noble, Alex Maguire

album cover

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