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Interlude Records discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Interlude label. Interlude was operated by Robert Scherman who had previously run Atlas, Tampa and other labels. Many of the Interlude albums had previously been released on Mode Records and some on Tampa.

Interlude albums were released in mono and stereo versions. Mono albums have a 500 series catalog number preceded by MO. Stereo albums have a 1000 series catalog number preceded by ST. The 500 and 1000 catalog number match until 512 and 1012 which appear to be different albums. Mono albums 500 to 514 are listed below with mono cover designs and stereo catalog numbers given if matching stereo releases identified. The out of sequence stereo 1012 album is listed at the bottom of the page.

album cover

album cover

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Interlude MO 500 / ST 1000 series albums

The Legend Of Frank Rosolino, Frank Rosolino, 1959, MO 500 / ST 1000

Tracks : Cherry, Let's Make It, How Long Has This Been Going On, They Say, Fine Shape, Fallout, Thou Swell, Tuffy

Musicians : Frank Rosolino, Richie Kamuca, Vince Guaraldi, Monty Budwig, Stan Levey

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as The Frank Rosolino Quintet.

album cover

Cool Bobby Troup, Bobby Troup, 1959, MO 501 / ST 1001

Tracks : Tenderly, My Ship, These Foolish Things, Perdido, Always, Stella By Starlight, Makin' Whoopee, It Never Entered My Mind, I See Your Bass Before Me

Musicians : Bobby Troup, Stu Williamson, Bob Enevoldsen, Ted Nash, Ronnie Lang, Buddy Clark, Mel Lewis

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as Bobby Swings Tenderly.

album cover

Pepper Adams 5, Pepper Adams 5, 1959, MO 502 / ST 1002

Tracks : Unforgettable, Baubles Bangles And Beads, Freddie Froo, My One And Only Love, Muezzin'

Musicians : Pepper Adams, Stu Williamson, Carl Perkins, Leroy Vinnegar, Mel Lewis

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as Pepper Adams Quintet.

album cover

Flute Fraternity, Herbie Mann & Buddy Collette, 1959, MO 503 / ST 1003

Tracks : Herbie's Buddy, Perdido, Baubles, Bangles And Beads, Give A Little Whistle, Here's Pete, Theme From "Theme From", Nancy With The Laughing Face, Morning After

Musicians : Herbie Mann, Buddy Collette, Jimmy Rowles, Buddy Clark, Mel Lewis

Originally released on Mode in 1957.

album cover

Easy Livin', Lucy Ann Polk, 1959, MO 504 / ST 1004

Tracks : Sittin' In The Sun, How About You, IŽm Just A Lucky So And So, Squeeze Me, When The Sun Comes Out, MakinŽ Whoopee, Don Cha Go Way Mad, SittinŽAnd RockinŽ, Memphis In June, Time After Time, Easy Living, Looking At You

Musicians : Lucy Ann Polk, Dick Noel, Bob Hardaway, Marty Paich, Tony Rizzi, Buddy Clark, Mel Lewis

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as Lucky Lucy.

album cover

Porgy And Bess, Buddy Collette And The Poll Winners, 1959, MO-505 / ST 1005

Tracks : Where's My Bess, My Man's Gone Now, Summertime, It Ain't Necessarily So, I Got Plenty O' Nuttin', There's A Boat That's Leavin' For New York, Bess You Is My Woman, A Woman Is A Sometime Thing

Musicians : Buddy Collette, Gerald Wiggins, Jim Hall, Pete Jolly, Red Callender, Louis Bellson

album cover

Viberations, Terry Gibbs, 1959, MO 506 / ST 1006

Tracks : Thou Swell, Wingo, Basin Street Blues, Pee Wee, De Ge, Hoppy, These Foolish Things, On Bear Hill

Musicians : Terry Gibbs, Harry Babasin, Dempsey Wright, Ben Tucker, Bill Douglas

album cover

Esprit De Jazz, Terry Gibbs, 1959, MO 507 / ST 1007

Tracks : The Dipsy Doodle, Where Or When, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Hollywood Blues, Tangerine, Just Friends, Softly In A Summer Morning, Memories Of You, Broadway, Allen's Alley

Musicians : Terry Gibbs, Larry Bunker, Vic Feldman, Max Bennett, Mel Lewis

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as A Jazz Band Ball (First Set).

album cover

Eddie Costa Quintet, Eddie Costa Quintet, 1959, MO 508 / ST 1008

Tracks : Get Out Of The Road, In Your Own Sweet Way, Big Ben, Nature Boy, Blues Plus Eight, I Didn't Know What Time It Was, Stretch In "F"

Musicians : Eddie Costa, Art Farmer, Phil Woods, Teddy Kotick, Paul Motian

Originally released on Mode in 1957.

album cover

Revel Without A Pause, Stu Williamson / Jack Sheldon / et al 1959, MO 509 / ST 1009

Tracks : Blue Lou, Soft Wind, Dinah, Iris Of The IRA, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Look Around, Ida, Yardbird Suite, Logrolling

Musicians : Jack Sheldon, Don Fagerquist, Bob Enevoldsen, Stu Williamson, Marty Paich, Buddy Clark, Mel Lewis

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as A Jazz Band Ball (Second Set).

album cover

Mallets A Fore Thought, Vic Feldman, 1959, MO-510 / ST-1010

Tracks : Fidelius, Squeeze Me, Sweet And Lovely, Bass Reflex, Chart Of My Heart, Wilbert's Tune, Evening In Paris

Musicians : Victor Feldman, Frank Rosolino, Harold Land, Carl Perkins, Leroy Vinnegar, Stan Levey

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as On Vibes.

album cover

Leonard Feather Presents 52nd St., Leonard Feather, 1959, MO 511 / ST-1011

Tracks : Little Benny, Be Bop, Lemon Drop, Ornithology, Anthropology, Salt Peanuts, Groovin' High, Shaw 'Nuff, Billie's Bounce, Hot House And 52nd Street Theme

Musicians : Idrees Sulieman, Thad Jones Phil Woods, George Wallington, Curley Russell, Art Taylor, Denzil Best

Originally released on Mode in 1957 as Leonard Feather Presents Bop.

album cover

Pepper Pot!, Art Pepper, 1959, MO-512

Tracks : Melancholy Madeline, You And The Night And The Music, Abstract Art, Over The Rainbow, Sidewinder, Besame Mucho, I Surrender Dear, Diane, Pepper Pot

Musicians : Art Pepper, Marty Paich (side A), Russ Freeman (Side B), Buddy Clark (side A), Ben Tucker (Side B), Frank Capp (side A), Gary Frommer (Side B)

Originally released on Marty Paich and Art Pepper albums on Tampa

album cover

Hot Skins, The Jazz Afro-Cuban Beat Guest Star Shelly Manne, 1959, MO-513

Tracks : Nightingale, Bobby's Fables, Move, Sometimes I'm Happy, Rhumba By Candlelight, Magitos, Caravan, Fascinating Lady, Too Marvelous

Musicians : Robert Gil, Tony Rizzi, Julio Ayala, Tony Reyes, Frank Guerrero, Shelly Manne, Mike Pacheco, Carlos Vidal

album cover

Like Wow! Jazz 1960, Marty Paich featuring Art Pepper, 1960?, MO 514

Tracks : Art's Opus, I'll Remember April, Lullaby of the Leaves, Jump For Me, All the Things You Are, Marty's Blues, Pitfall, Dool's Blues, Theme From Lighthouse, What's Right For You

Musicians include: Marty Paich, Art Pepper, Joe Mondragon, Larry Bunker, Frankie Capp

Tracks originally released on Marty Paich albums on Tampa.

album cover

Interlude: out of sequence stereo album

Upper Classmen, Jimmy Rowles And His Upper Classmen, 1959, ST 1012

Tracks : Lullaby of Birdland, Tea for Two, All for You, Body and Soul, El Tigre, Cheetas for Two, The Cobra, East of the Sun, The Blues, Perdido

Musicians : Jimmy Rowles, Pete Candoli, Harold Land, Barney Kessel, Larry Bunker, Red Mitchell, Mel Lewis

Originally released in 1958 on Tampa as Let's Get Acquainted With Jazz.

album cover

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