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JG discography

This is a list of albums released on the German label JG between 1969 and 1980.

Gaps in the sequence may be catalog numbers that were not used or albums that have not been identified.

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JG albums

Nelson's Waltz / When Jani Comes Late, Wolf Escher Quintet, 1969, JG Records JG 01

Tracks : Nelson's Waltz, When Jani Comes Late

Musicians : Wolf Escher, Jürgen Schuller, Werner Geck, Meinhard Puhl, Dieter Rosenkranz

A 7" single.

album cover

Let Us Swing: German Jazz Makers Vol 1, Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra, 1969, JG Records JG 02

Tracks : Walk That Thing, I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby, Immigration Blues, Charlie Johnson Stomp, Some Of This Days, Freeze Out, Charleston's Best Dance After All, Miss Hannah, Milk Cow Blues, Hot Mustard Trouble, Mississipi Wobble, Paradise Wobble

Musicians : Not knowm

Appears to have been released with a number of front cover variations

album cover

Trio Quartet Quintet, Walter Strerath, 1969, JG Records JG 03

Tracks : New Gospel, Waltz For Ellen, The Unknown, Dance For Rosa, Speed-Up, Watermelon Girl, Little Ya-Ya, Rainy Day, 3/4 In Minor

Musicians : Walter Strerath, Hans Thomas, Manfred Lindner, Andreas Scheel, Gerd Putz

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Remembering Sixty-Nine: Ein Jahr Jazz Altena-Iserlohn, Various Artists, 1969, JG Records JG 04/05

Tracks : Olé (Xhol Caravan), Sahara (Wolf Doldinger Quartett), When You're Smiling (Blue Note Juniors), Leo's Boogie (The Boogie Woogie Company), Long, Deep And Wide (Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra), I'm On My Way (Dave Pike Set), Joy Spring (Jon Eardly All Stars), Depression (Joachim Kühn Band), 3/4 In Minor (Walter Strerath), Suite Page One/Bell (Jazz Trinity (The Three)), Summertime (Werner Geck Quartett + One)

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First Trip, Cherry Pies, 1969, JG Records JG 06

Tracks : Everything Is Gonna Be Allright, Drivin' To Awo-Omama, Hmm, Ah Oh, Fairy Tale In G

Musicians : Gerd Wunsch, Reinhard Geck, Ulrich Stracke, Detlef Röhre, Herbert Poschmann

A 7" EP.

album cover

Black Birds Of Paradise, Blackbirds Of Paradise, 1970, JG Records JG 07

Tracks : Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie, Aunt Hagars Blues, Arabellas Weddingday, Paducah, Somebody Stole My Gal, Rhythm Club Stomp, Deep Henderson, Margie, Meanest Kind Of Blues, Sugar, I've Found A New Baby, Miss Hannah

Musicians : Uwe Heinecke, Ulrich Bela, Hartwig Potner, Michael Schmidt, Owe Hansen, Peter Ruts, Hans Schwenkkros, Harold Auls

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 08

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 09

album cover

Brown Taste, Jan Huydts Trio, 1970, JG Records JG 10

Tracks : Protuberans, Brown Taste I, Protuberans, 3 x 4, Brown Taste II, Struggle For Life, Brown Taste III, 3 x 4 II

Musicians : Jan Huydts, Alfred Haurand, Leo de Ruiter

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 11

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 12

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 13

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 14

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 15

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 16

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 17

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Live In Altena, John Surman Trio, 1970, JG Records JG 18

Tracks : Billie The Kid, Tallness, Dee Tune, In Between, Spikenard

Musicians : John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin

Recorded live in Altena in January 1970. Appears to have been released with a number of cover designs.

album cover

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 19

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 20

album cover

Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena 1970, 1970, JG Records JG 21/22

Tracks : Untitled (Jiggs Whigham Trio), Untitled (Joachim Kühn - Eje Thelin Group & Rolf Kühn), Untitled (Wolfgang Dauner Trio), Untitled (Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet), Untitled (New Jazz Trio), Untitled (Dave Pike Set), Untitled (John Surman Trio)

Notes : Recorded live on June 27, 1970.

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Männergesangsverein 1922 Essen Holsterhausen, 1970, JG Records JG 23

Tracks : Lied in den Rosen, Wer jagen will, Die Weiber von Arlon, Es wallt ein Mann zum Weine gehm

album cover

Remembering '70, 1971, JG Records JG 24/25

Tracks : China Boy (Four City Seven + One), I Can't Dance (Blackbirds Of Paradise), St. Louis Shuffle (Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra), Ohne Titel (Niels Unbehagen Quartett), But Anyway (The Dave Pike Set), Night Laughing (Rüdiger Schulz Quartett), Ohne Titel (Jan Huydts Trio + Theo Loevendie), Summertime (Wolfgang Dauner Trio), Yarrak (Alexander V. Schlippenbach Trio), Dee Tune (John Surman Trio + Alan Skidmore), Blueslife (Champion Jack Dupree), Japanese Bride (Champion Jack Dupree), Up And Down7 (Xhol Caravan)

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The Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra - That's How We Feel Today, 1971, JG Records JG 26

Tracks : Saratoga Shout, That's How I Feel Today, Serenade For Duke, Rent Party Blues, Feeling Drowsy, I Want You Just Myself, Sugar Foot Stomp, Pishy-Pishy, The Boy In The Boat, Pass Out Lightly, Cannibal's Ball, Everybody Loves My Baby

album cover

2. Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena, 1971, JG Records JG 27/28

Tracks : Just For Altena (Peter Brötzmann Trio), KLM (Alan Skidmore Quintet & Mike Osborne), And Think Again (Alan Skidmore Quintet & Mike Osborne), No Name Piece (Tomasz Stanko Quintet), Introduction (Unknown), Free Spirits (New Jazz Ensemble '71 With Karin Krog), Timelife Revisiting (Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet & The Trio)

Notes : A double LP of music recorded live at the International New Jazz Meeting Burg Altena in June 1971.

album cover

Pishi Pishi / Serenade For Duke, The Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra, 1971, JG Records JG 29

Tracks : Pishi Pishi, Serenade For Duke

album cover

Jazzmessage From Poland, Thomasz Stanko Quintet, 1972, JG Records JG 30

Tracks : Aeoioe / Heban, Piece For Diana (Wood Music's Series)

Musicians : Tomasz Stanko, Janusz Muniak, Zbigniew Seifert, Bronislaw Suchanek, Janusz Stefanski

album cover

At The New Jazz Meeting Altena, Jan Fryderyk Dobrowolski And Jacek Bednarek, 1972, JG Records JG 31

Tracks : Concert Part I, Fara, Allegretto, Exodus

Musicians : Jan Fryderyk Dobrowolski, Jacek Bednarek

album cover

Altena '72, Various Artists, 1973, JG Records JG 32/33

Tracks : Untitled (Michal Urbaniak Group), Untitled (Scandinavia New Jazz Group), Untitled (Wolfgang Dauner Et Cetera), Untitled (Karl Berger Company)

Notes : Recorded live at 3. Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena on June 24 and 25, 1972.

album cover

Thomasz Stanko & Adam Makowicz Unit Featuring Czeslaw Bartkowski, 1975, JG Records JG 34

Tracks :

Musicians : Thomasz Stanko, Adam Makowicz, Czeslaw Bartkowski

album cover

Jazzfestival Balver Höhle: Hot Jazz Opening 1974 & 75, Various Artists, 1975, JG Records JG 35

Tracks : Dinah (Trevor Richards New Orleans Trio), Sweet Georgia Brown (Trevor Richards New Orleans Trio), Flyin' Home (Swingquartett 4 Prag), Smooth One (Swingquartett 4 Prag), Droppin' Chucks (Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra), Sweet Muntaz (Dreamland Orchestra), At A Georgia Camp Meeting (Dreamland Orchestra), Home Cookin' (Champion Jack Dupree), Come Back Sweet Papa (Portena Jazzband), Honeysuckle Rose (Portena Jazzband)

Music from the Jazzfestival Balver Höhle in 1974 and 1975.

album cover

Jazzfestival Balver Höhle: Ausschnitte vom New Jazz Programm 1974 & 75, Various Artists, 1975, JG Records JG Records 36/37/38/39

Tracks : Time Machine (Jazzcrew Stuttgart), Trio Trio / Walms / Signal (SOS), Love Chant / Drone Piece / Wallgreco El Sueco (Jan Wallgren Orkester), Spanish Dance (Eero Koivistoinen Quartet), Clear Dream (Eero Koivistoinen Quartet), For My Sister (Emil Veglicky Trio), Choral (Emil Veglicky Trio), Semper Ignotus (Gustav Brom Big Band), In Between (Jirí Stivín & Rudolf Dagek System Tandem), Dig (Contact Trio), Flaps (Franz Koglmann / Steve Lacy Quintet), Maybe I Can Sing It to You - Silver Cloud (Krzysztof Zgraja / Barre Phillips)

A 4 LP set of music from the Jazzfestival Balver Höhle on July 27 & 28, 1974.

album cover

Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra, Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra, 1977, JG Records JG 40

Tracks : Give Me Your Telephone Number, Higginbotham Blues, Get The Bucket, Somebody Stole My Gal, Sweetheart, I Never Knew, St. Louis Blues, The Blues Jumped A Rabbit, You´re Drivin Me Crazy, Patron Wagon Blues, Diga Diga Doo

album cover

No album identified, JG Records JG 41

album cover

Live in der Balver Höhle: Blues'n Boogie, Errol Dixon, 1977, JG Records JG 42

Tracks : Vap Boogie, Midnight Special, Chains Of Love, See See Rider, Mojo Working, When The Saints Blues, Rocking Boogie Woogie, Hy Ba Be Re Bop, Do You Like The Blues, Bye Bye Blues

Musicians : Errol Dixon, Georg Linges, Udo Reising

album cover

Live In Der Balver Höhle, Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet, 1977, JG Records JG 43

Tracks : Pod Dobra Godzina, Kulaviec, When May Is In Blossom, Pastoralka

Musicians : Zbigniew Namyslowski, Slawomir Kulpowicz, Pawel Jarzebski, Janusz Stefanski

Recorded at the 4th Jazzfestival Balver Höhle on June 26, 1977.

album cover

Live In Der Balver Höhle, Oriental Wind featuring Okay Temiz & Bobo Stenson, 1978, JG Records 044

Tracks : Tamara Delihoron, Fidayda, Dere Geliyor Dere, Les Noto

Musicians : Lennart Aberg, Haci Tekbilek, Bobo Stenson, Thomas Östergren, Okay Temiz

Recorded at the 5th Jazzfestival Balver Höhle on June 25, 1978.

album cover

Our Blue Side, Pee Wee Blue Sang, 1979, JG Records JG 45

Tracks : ABC- Blues, Wake Up In The Morning, Trouble, Further On Up The Road, I Still Love You, Blues For Freddy K., The Seeker, Bad Bad Woman, Heavy's Blues

Musicians : Reiner Hänsch, Thomas Hesse, Andreas Mester, Heribert Grothe, Rüdiger Schilling

album cover

Traces Of Darkness, Christoph Spendel Quartet, 1980, JG Records JG 46

Tracks : Traces Of Darkness, Silent Alley, Curry Song, Dancing Boa, Shadows, Samba Do Cologna

Musicians : Christoph Spendel, Hugo Read, Mario Castronari, Joe Thönes

album cover

Live In 'Henkelmann', Sami Swoi, 1980, JG Records JG 47

Tracks : South, Fifteen Cents, Liza, Chicago Breakdown, Ansage, In The Mood, Early Autumn, Four Brothers, Fiesta, La Fiesta, Bahama Mama, Hey Crusaders

Musicians : Julian Kurzawa, Jan Mlynarczyk, Jerzy Lukaszczyk, Sygmunt Gorecki, Waldemar Kowalski, Janusz Szprot, Jerzy Sorski, Jan Gonciarczyk, Krzysztof Przybylowicz

album cover

Live In Der Balver Höhle: Suomi Jazz Folk From The Roots, Piirpauke, 1980, JG Records JG 48

Tracks : Swedish Reggae, Mi Ardillita, Azerbaizan Albatross, Flight, Tin Tin Deo, Lento

Musicians : Sakari Kukko, Pekka Nylund, Timo Oksala, Jorma Koivulehto, Tom Nekljudow

album cover

For Kati, Imre Köszegi Quartet Feat. Zbigniew Namyslowski, 1980, JG Records JG 49

Tracks : Darling, Kati, Soyuz Dance, Lelekut, Ballad For Eve

Musicians : Imre Köszegi, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Laszlo Gardonyi, Jack Gregg

album cover

...Dann Höre Ich Nur Zu, Günter Radtke / Werner Geck Trio, 1980, JG Records JG 50

Tracks : Wenn Ich Einen Reden Höre, Lady Bird, Gedichte (Ich bin leicht, Manöver, Lebenswichtig, Kriegerdenkmal, Warte ab, Epigramm), Old Folks, Kunz-Und Kleingeschichten (Ein Profi, Nachwuchskräfte, Verfahrenstechnik), Spring Story, ...Dann Höre Ich Nur Zu, Kurze Zeit Aber Draußen, Not Satisfied, Gedichte (Für Einen Augenblick, Technik, Das Heldenhafte, Im Zugfenster, Mein Geschundenes Berlin), Die Mikrobe der Dummheit

Musicians : Günter Radtke, Werner Geck, Bodo Klingelhöfer, Michael Peters

album cover

Orgel-Improvisationen, Professor Johannes-Ernst Köhler, 1980, JG Records JG 51

Tracks : Konzert C-Dur In 3 Sätzen: Allegro / Adagio / Allegro / Passacaglia / Präludium Und Fuge G-Dur, Choral-Improvisationen: Tochter Zion, Vom Himmel Hoch, Jesus Ist Kommen, Christ Ist Erstanden, Geh Aus, Mein Herz, Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott, Der Mond Ist Aufgegangen

Musicians : Johannes-Ernst Köhler

album cover

La Concha. Krzysztof Zgraja & Jacek Bednarek, 1980, JG Records JG 52

Tracks : Lus Blues, Old Jack Song, Afrosphera, La Concha, Walking Colour, Folk-Music Nr. 5 "Kurpia", Flute Reflections

Musicians : Krzysztof Zgraja, Jacek Bednarek

album cover

The Horn Is Back, Günther Klatt, 1980, JG Records JG 53

Tracks : Traffic, Day Dream, Blues Changes, Lush Life, Campo San Stefano, For Bibi And Red Cloud, The Horn Is Back

Musicians : Günther Klatt, Paul Grabowsky, Leonard Jones, Branislav ‘Lala’ Kovacev

album cover

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