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Josie 3500 series discography

This is a discography of the 3500 series, or Josie Jazz Series, of LPs released on the Josie label in the early 1960s.

Josie was a subsidiary of Jubilee and all albums in the 3500 series were originally released on the Jubilee label.

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Josie LPs

Gigi Gryce and Donald Byrd, Gigi Gryce & Donald Byrd, 1962, Josie JJM 3500

Tracks : Blue Lights, Onion Head, Isn't it Romantic, Bat Land, Bangoon, Imagination, Xtacy

Musicians : Donald Byrd, Gigi Gryce, Hank Jones, Paul Chambers, Arthur Taylor

Originally released on Jubilee in 1958 as Jazz Lab.

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Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Sabu, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Sabu, 1962, Josie JJM 3501

Tracks : Woodyn' You, Sakeena, Shorty, Dawn On The Harvest

Musicians : Art Blakey, Bill Hardman, Johnny Griffin, Sam Dockery, Spanky de Brest, Sabu

Originally released on Jubilee in 1959 as Cu-Bop.

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Herb Geller, Herb Geller, 1962, Josie JJM 3502

Tracks : S'Pacific View, Jitterbug Waltz, Fruit, Here's What I'm Here For, Marable Eyes, Air For the Heir, Melrose & Sam

Musicians : Herb Geller, Kenny Dorham, Harold Land, Lou Levy, Ray Brown, Lawrence Marable

Originally released on Jubilee in 1957 as Fire In The West.

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Jackie McLean, Jackie McLean, 1963, Josie JJM 3503

Tracks : It's You Or No One, Blue Doll, Little Melonae, Way You Look Tonight, Mood Melody, Lover Man

Musicians : Jackie Mclean, Donald Byrd, Mal Waldron, Doug Watkins, Ronald Tucker

Originally released as Presenting Jackie Mclean on Jubilee in 1958.

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Ray Draper Tuba Jazz, Ray Draper, 1963, Josie JOZ-3504

Tracks : Essii's Dance, Doxy, I Talk To The Trees, Yesterday's, Oleo, Angel Eyes

Musicians : Ray Draper, John Coltrane, John Maher, Spanky Debrest, Larry Ritchie

Originally release as A Tuba Jazz on Jubilee in 1959.

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Plays Duke Ellington, Teddy Charles Trio, 1963, Josie JJM 3505

Tracks : Main Stem, Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me, Sophisticated Lady, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Sherman Shuffle, The Mooch

Musicians : Teddy Charles, Oscar Pettiford, Hall Overton

Originally released in 1957 on Jubilee as Three For Duke.

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Med Flory (aka Big Band), Med Flory, 1963, Josie JJM 3506

Tracks : Jazz Wave, Davy Jones, An Occasional Man, I Cover The Waterfront, Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat, Ocean Motion, Rapture, On A Slow Boat To China, Jonah And The Whale, Sea Chase

Originally released in 1958 on Jubilee as Jazz Wave.

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Jackie McLean, Jackie McLean, 1963, Josie JJM 3507

Tracks : Filide, Milly's Pad, Two Sons, What Good Am I Without You, Tune Up

Musicians : Jackie McLean, Webster Young, Ray Draper, Gil Coggins, George Tucker, Larry Ritchie

Originally released in 1958 on Jubilee as Plays Fat Jazz.

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Mingus Three, Charles Mingus, 1963, Josie JJM 3508

Tracks : Yesterdays, Back Home Blues, I Can't Get Started, Hamp's New Blues, Summertime, Dizzy Moods, Laura

Musicians : Charles Mingus, Hampton Hawes, Dannie Richmond

Originally released in 1959 on Jubilee as Mingus Three.

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Eddie Costa & Vinnie Burke Trio, Eddie Costa & Vinnie Burke Trio, 1963, Josie JJM 3509

Tracks : Fascinating Rhythm, Unison Blues, Sweet And Lovely, Let's Do It, Yesterdays, Pile Driver, It Could Happen To You, Get Happy, Jeepers Creepers

Musicians : Eddie Costa, Vinnie Burke. Nick Stabulas

Originally released in 1956 on Jubilee.

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